Father John Misty-I Went To The Store One Day and True Affection


Love is _______

Fill in the blank. I could probably insert any adjective to complete the sentence and it would apply to a moment we have all experienced. Right?

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We seek it, we wish for it to last forever, we complicate it, we sometimes suffocate it, as well as not tend to it, often enough. We may be tinged with regret and nostalgia, or perhaps, we are fighting restlessness.  We may wish we could figure it all out by making lists of expectations, characteristics, and focus on finding a perfect love “fit”.

We may be giddy and gushing with it.

Does love find you, right now, at this very moment? Is it a dream or a hope somewhere in the future? Or, is love lost in a memory of the past that seems to be forever locked in your mind and heart?

I know, I know, many complain about Valentine’s Day, but isn’t it a joyous idea to put aside a moment to celebrate love, to question love, wonder about love, and try to understand love?

Simply 24 hours to acknowledge the power love has over our thoughts, memories, and deepest connection to one another. I don’t know about you, but I’m all in.

Father John Misty is an unlikely singer of love. He is gregarious, quirky and downright odd. Lovingly odd. What’s not to like about him?

Father John Misty’s musical fame came as the drummer in Fleet Foxes. In his own words, he describes his participation humbly,

“People have really exaggerated my involvement with Fleet Foxes; they had two records done by the time I joined the band and the writing was already on the wall that they were going to be the next big thing. I just learned the drum parts for their songs and tried to execute them as best as I could.”

Fleet Foxes was a perfect stepping stone to finding his true voice and the vast audience to appreciate it.


Now living in New Orleans, he speaks his mind honestly and twists his thoughts, in songs, with welcome surprises. You have to ponder his words and lyrics, and his voice is undeniably effective as you follow it to the sweet high notes. I experience chilly bumps when I listen to these two songs.

The first, “I Went To The Store One Day”, is the dream of what we all wish for in love. It weaves a lovely story of a surprising encounter in a parking lot, finding your soul mate completely unexpected, and spending the rest of your lives together. Actually, it describes Father John Misty’s true story of meeting the love of his life.

Beautifully blindsided by love and the wowing, crazy possibility of it. Romantic indeed.



The second song is an upbeat popping tempo that will entice you to move to the beat. “True Affection”, reminds us of the importance for a face to face connection, sweet conversation, and the need to nurture love, by tossing aside electronic devices. More importantly, making your love, your focus.



Vastly different, but both songs are all about love.

His album, I Love You Honeybear, is filled with passion and powerful moments where it gushes out and seeps into your psyche. You really need to listen to all of the magical songs on the album. But, for heaven’s sake, don’t take it all too seriously, because Joshua Tillman (J. Tillman aka Father John Misty) is the first one to laugh at the music industry, and at himself. He is all about satire and mystery. A pied piper of sorts, and it ultimately compels us to follow him and listen to his every note.



Take a chance, be honest, and tell someone you love, that you love them this Valentine’s Day or any day.

Do something nice for someone who needs love in their life.

Be caring and loving to others.

I am sure you will feel the warmth of love bounce right back to you, one day.

But while you are waiting……

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