Elephant Micah-Slow Time Vultures

Mood Monday…..yawn.


Today has been a curl up, quiet, exhale kind of day. A much-needed day of no commitments, no worries, and no deadlines. “Slow Time Vultures” is the perfect song to express my sluggish, laid-back mood. Almost like a meditation of music, this song seeps into my ears, and I begin to absorb its calming nature. It acts like a healing potion and is pure pleasure for my ears.


Elephant Micah is Joseph O’Connell from Southern Indiana and is a multi-instrumentalist.



For several years, he has been recording in his home and releasing his music all on his own. Although his music has been almost a secretive project, it has caught the attention of like-minded artists and NPR. Somehow, it found its way to me on the perfect day and enhances my mood like a dream. Settle back, close your eyes, listen and send away all of your Monday stress.

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