Dashboard Confessional-Heart Beat Here

Heart Beat Here is a tender love song where the impeccable vocals are placed in the forefront and highlighted by an acoustic guitar and soaring strings.


(Sandy) Alex G-Bobby

The fiddle and the banjo emphasize the light expression of affection and the unusual ease at which one might sacrifice it all, or withstand any condition, for continued companionship.

ISLAND-Dreaming Of

I am blown away by the power of their plucky guitars and the solid performance of their vocals. Be prepared to love them in the first few notes.

Slow Club-Christmas TV

I hope you and yours have had a lovely holiday of giving, loving, and experiencing deep joy.

Mother’s Day Musings and a Magnificent Song

Mother’s Day had me thinking about the unique friendship between a Mom and their child. The idea of getting to know the Mom of a dear friend that you love, may be a life changing, eye opening event.

Twin Peaks-Walk To The One You Love

  Valentine’s Day is coming up and the commercial world is telling us all, love is in the air. Heart cards, flowers, and chocolates should be purchased to express any lovey, dovey feelings. Is this holiday a drummed up “spend money” idea? Surely, love can’t be bought. I was in a huge greeting card section…

NOLA-Be Still My Heart//immersed in cool music

Mood Monday. Today, I went to my book study group. We regularly read thought provoking books together and discuss them chapter by chapter. It is led by a thoughtful role model, friend, and deeply spiritual woman who guides us and prompts our lengthy and healthy discussions. Today we talked about love. It is a word…