Mood Monday-Geographer-I’m Ready and The Guest


The sky is bright, the weather is sweet and warm, the green of spring is emerging, but my mood is oddly dark.

Why? No real reasons…just some combustible stress and the need to act irresponsibly and pout just a bit.

So sue me for wanting to let everything go in my mind….mounting bills, obligations, and emotionally supporting everyone else. Some days are for being a little selfish and purposely being wild, and  indulge in a little crazy thinking. This mood Monday needs to be an important get away. Thoughts that come to mind are the brazen chocolate cookie hoarding and scarfing, the private wimpy/cry  session, lumping all laundry together despite the consequences, avoidance of all smiling people, and even perhaps the over-indulgence of a Monday evening cocktail hour. Then, of course, there is the harsh reality that tomorrow is another set of worries and commitments. Hallelujah to the sweat equity of a bad mood day and the slight portal to a little joy, solely created by listening to a beautiful, hopeful song.

I’m ready for  a new day, a new mood, and Tuesday.


“An eye for an island

And a kingdom for your soul

If we truly are in love with living

Then you have got to let go….”


Geographer is indie-rock, synth-pop and Mike Deni – Vocals, Guitar, Keys, Synth with a band of Joyce Lee – Cello, Synth, Duncan Nielsen – Guitar, Bass, Synth, Vocals with Cody Rhodes – Drums. After experiences of heartache and loss, Mike Deni left New Jersey and ventured to San Francisco with a guitar and synthesizer to turn tragedy into melodies and lyrics. After a buzz of interest and followers from previous works, they have a new album, Ghost Modern, out on March 23rd.

“I took a great deal of time crafting the songs for this album before arranging them,” said songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Mike Deni. “Before blowing them out with swelling sonic textures that might override or overshadow the need to make the song—at its core—the most important thing.”


Even though “I’m Ready” was the last of the twelve songs to be written for the new album, Ghost Modern, it suits my mood perfectly for today. But, I can’t just leave you with one song, because naturally, my mood might not be your mood. So, I have to share his latest beauty of a song as well, “The Guest”. The horns and strings at 2:35 are gorgeous and happily, bit by bit, pump up my mood. Enjoy.



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