Kate Tempest-Theme From Becky and Circles

There are times when I feel vulnerable and unsure….I tend to stop talking and get quiet. Why do I worry about the way others view me?


I am not sure if my silence is a conditioned response or not, but today I feel like it might be tragic. Perhaps my voice is my voice and unique and I shouldn’t worry about the consequences of  speaking my heart and my thoughts. Something to definitely chew on.

There are some voices that should be heard, without a doubt, and I have decided this is one.

Kate Tempest is a poet, writer, and speaks powerful truths about the struggling, fringe population, but somehow those difficult situations connect on a wider, deeper level.  “Theme From Becky” is a perfect example, just listen….


“I’ve never wanted to be anybody other

Than the person that I am

And the things that I discovered

In the circles that I ran

Have been difficult and humbling

Some don’t understand

But I am happiest when struggling

Well all of us walk to our own beat

And each person’s rhythm is unique

You can’t hear somebody’s tune

If you count in your time

You must count their time

to enjoy how their mind

Makes its music…”

Karen Tempest is a female rapper, from London, who shatters the barriers of rap and contemporary verse and combines them perfectly. I would never have found her if she had not put her brilliant poetry to music.


I find it to be fresh, with a raw, honest view of a struggling world (aren’t we all wrestling with life?). In my opinion, Rap has been missing the poetry of introspective thoughtful women ( if you know of others….please share). Hallelujah for her unique voice. I will follow her from here on out, read her prize-winning poetry, and listen to her music. Her words are harsh, difficult contemporary glimpses, but somehow an important spice that should be tasted, digested, and appreciated.


“As Tempest’s gorgeous steams of words flow out, they conjure a story so vivid its as if you had a state-of-the-art Blu-Ray player stuffed in your brain, projecting image after image that sears itself into your consciousness”

– New York Times

She is an amazing talent and a strong voice that I hope gives others (including myself) the courage to speak, write, and create.

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