Charlie Belle-Get To Know

I have been listening to non-stop streams from SXSW in Austin, Texas.


I bet you are wondering why I am not there. Yep, I am wondering too. I vow (pinkie swear and cross my heart) that next year will be my year of exploring the creativity and music of SXSW. I dream about it and live vicariously through amazing dj’s, bloggers, and music lovers who post, tweet, and generally help me feel as close to it as I can, when it is a harsh and expensive 945 miles away. Somehow, when you follow multiple streams, you get a well rounded beautiful picture…..I feel as close as I possibly can, even though I am so very far away from the experience.

Just to give you a sense of my commitment, I get press invitations and schedules of events and I follow them all. I know when my blogged bands are playing, and the bands that are on my  “ones to watch” list.  I am seriously done with the giant venues of big time bands. I love the intimate venues where you feel as if you stumbled haphazardly on music that sorts your soul and shifts your thinking. The ones where you can see without a wide screen and sing and dance along with all your new found band fans, if you should want to…..right? Do you feel that way?


This is a band I wish I could see at SXSW this year, Charlie Belle. I love their sound and happy youthful take on love and life. The velvety vocals of the lead singer propel the music, but the twangy, catchy guitars and drums support in such a way that they are the glue that keeps this sound interesting, happy, and lovely. Young love can help to create some of the most happy, creative, jangly indie pop, and this is a case in point. I feel sure their talent will continue to grow and impress over time.

Serious joy over their tunes, all of them , but “Get To Know” helped seal the deal for me.  Love that bass guitar (@ 2:13) Happy Saturday!

Charlie Belle is out of Austin, Texas and is Jendayi (vocals, guitar), Gyasi (drums) & Lola (bass, vocals). Simple, sweet, and thoughtfully played music that somehow captures a moment in time that we all loved and hated. The internal struggle of being young and not knowing, and how to navigate the crazy compass of friendship and love. Does this feeling ever really change? Well, this band seems to live it and capture it in song, beautifully.



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