Mood Monday-Summer Heart- Thinkin of U

Mood Monday.

My mood today is anticipating the joyousness of spring and summer.



I had a tiny taste of it this weekend. I snapped this picture after a quick beach walk. It was warm, sunny, and quiet on the part of the beach we explored. This jangly tune with twangy guitars reminds me of those easy breezy days where life is just so simple and sweet. Kick off your shoes. Send all your worries to the wayside.

Music to chill to,

hold hands to,

and dream beyond the beyond

go on

close your eyes and listen….



Summer Heart is a Swedish dream pop act and the solo project of singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, David Alexander. When touring, he has other musicians join him just to make it more interesting. This song is “Thinkin of U” which is brand new. He is one talented guy and even has some crazy good photography on his Tumblr site….check it out as well.



As Monday comes to a close, what better way to head into the rest of the week, than with a carefree, bouncy mindset?

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