Noah Kahan and The Strumbellas-Live Review & Photos

Fall in Atlanta is chock full of incredible live music, and I try to get to as much as my time and pocketbook affords. So when I heard about Noah Kahan and The Strumbellas coming to town, I jumped at the chance.


Terminal West is one of my favorite venues in Atlanta, because the lights and sound are truly incredible as well as the wide range of musical talents they bring to Atlanta. Watching an artist perform live makes them unforgettable, and this night was no exception.

After learning about Noah Kahan for my earlier post about him (you can read it HERE), I found his story to be compelling. He took a leap of faith and decided to forego college for a chance to pursue his music. It was a giant risk from a guy living in a small town in Vermont. I recognize the conviction in his lovely music.

Kahan is a singer/songwriter that connects with his listeners through his amazing vocals, his folk style that warms to a stomping chorus, and his lyrics full of heart, wisdom, and wit. On Monday night, his performance hushed the gathering crowd and drew hearty claps. During his set, we were graced with his newest single, “Hurt Somebody”, and it’s a beaut (listen below). It is nice to know he is writing and continuing to live out his dream.

Noah Kahan is an artist to watch….











Noah Kahan-Hurt Somebody
















I am a chatty gal, so one of my favorite things is meeting with music fans standing around me. I love hearing who they are listening to and what brought them out. So when a couple of new friends scored the setlist because they enjoyed Noah Kahan, I was thrilled for them. Way to go, Clare and Ben from Atlanta, (the third pic was the charm, thanks for your patience!)

IMG_5696 2


After Noah Kahan and his band ended their performance with the crowd pleasing tune, “Young Blood”, there was some time to wander and check out the merch table.

Always fun to see what they have!


What is it about a band where you find yourself singing along at the top of your lungs, clapping your hands till they turn ruby red, and jumping and stomping to the drum beats? The energy of both bands lifted me up, and I found a resounding source of enthusiasm. It was a perfect night.

Happy to dance and sing with my newest musical compadres, I looked around and found I was the lonely listener that didn’t know each and every lyric. The Strumbellas have a strong fan base in Atlanta. Many told me they saw them at Music Midtown, went to their late night show at Smith’s Old Bar, and found that they just couldn’t wait to bring friends and see them again.

True band devotion…

When Simon Ward entered the dimly lit stage barefoot and struck a prayer-like pose, I knew I was going to be wowed.





The lead singer dances like a fast moving train, and my camera couldn’t seem to keep up. I made every effort to capture the band’s fire and passion!























From quiet beginnings, each song builds in momentum to a sing-a-long chorus and a bit of stomping and clapping as its breathes a powerful hope and reassurance to us all. So it is no wonder their 2016 album is titled, Hope. Their style seems to be the rambunctious ‘heart of America’ sound, but surprisingly they are from Canada and their music preceded the bands famous for that sound, like the Lumineers.


Here is a joyous sampling of the moment!

The many happy happy fans!


I loved meeting Wendy from Marietta. She was sporting a homemade tee in tribute to The Strumbellas and their tune, “Wild Sun”.

The Strumbellas-Wild Sun

Also, I have to share an amazing painting by a great friend and artist, Toniella, who interprets songs in her art. This painting is based on The Strumbellas’ powerful song, “We Don’t Know”.




Because it was a Monday night and I had to be at work early on Tuesday, I didn’t get to see who nabbed the golden ticket set list. But I always try and capture the image…

IMG_5697 2.jpg


They only have a couple of dates left on their tour, so be sure to go if you need a hopeful, fun fix.

Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 6.57.40 PM.png



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