Fatherson-I Like Not Knowing

What? Why? Where? When?

Life is so unpredictable. Who knows what might happen next.

I just know that what happens next is something that you want to be pure, beautiful, fun, and special. If it isn’t, shouldn’t it be tossed aside?

Right now, I am watching Notre Dame bust the Kentucky basketball team’s mojo. It is something to behold. Don’t you just love a sweet upset? Well, probably only if you don’t have a lot of money riding on it. This could change in the time I post this, but somehow the excitement of an upset or just not knowing makes a great moment in time.


You can cross your fingers, hope to die…say a silent prayer…knock on wood…or even click your heals and say there is no place like home. Life can change on a dime. Love, life, and meaning can be moved like a crazy piece on a chess board.

Now, as I continue to write, Notre Dame was trumped and Kentucky won in the last seconds of the game. Maybe the idea of change and not knowing is really a farce and the most assured ideas of life, love, and sports really happen without upset. It is a set path that we all follow. Sometimes we hope for the crazy upset, mix up, change, but then ultimately it really never happens.

I like the wild experience of not knowing. Not knowing can be a shifting, mixing, wonky, moment and it can also be incredibly thrilling.

Notice me, I want you to notice me
Now I know I’m feeling this
Oh yes, I’m feeling this
Just do anything you want to
Know that I will stay
But I don’t own all the thoughts in your head
And if I did, I’d leave them for you to think instead

But I don’t know where we are going
Can hazard a guess


Listen and enjoy.


Fatherson is a band based in Glasgow, Scotland. They are Ross Leighton:Guitar/Vocals, Marc Strain: Bass, and Greg Walkinshaw: Drums.



They have been making waves in the Scottish music scene following a string of supports with bands such as Frightened Rabbit, Panic! at the Disco, Feeder, Twin Atlantic and Idlewild. Love their music and please,please come across the pond to the USA, specifically Atlanta.



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