Mood Monday-Keath Mead-Settle For Less

I was so very weepy ….


Was it the gloom of the gray sky after a perfectly sunny lovely Saturday? Was it the amazing win and composure of a 21 year old Master’s golf winner? Was it an article about “The Moral Bucket List” in the NY Times and my realization how very short I seem to fall from this beautiful and poignant definition? Or, was it simply an end to a weekend of adorable, spontaneous family gatherings and casual celebrations of just simply being?

Then, I have to add that sadly, there was also the learning of a difficult and heartbreaking loss of a precious friend’s life. Why, now?

Oh yeah, and the silly, crazy mistake I made when spending hours on wildly, updating my resume for a wanted job, and then misspelling “applying” in the subject line……Damn!

Who knows.

Maybe I was having just a weird female moment…. but some days are weepy like that and you just have to push through it.

And push through it, I will.

So when my house was oddly silent, I decided to go purchase and plant some happy, smile inducing colors in my pots that I have neglected throughout the winter.


Flowers are loving, breathing life for me when I feel the melancholy of missing those that I hold dear, and/or wanting to busy my mind with the creative joyous task of something important and worthy of happy, eye candy.

As I think about my emotional weekend, I want to plant a beautiful seed with you all, like a happy flowering plant of joy. Yes, music can be that seed of unexpected joy.

I love it when I hear a portion of a new song randomly and find myself crazily trying to snap it on Shazam to determine the name and the artist. This song was one of those, that I fortunately made it just in the last few seconds of the song, and SCORE….It actually recognized the song just in the nick of time. (if you are a music lover and don’t know the app Shazam, you should!) The song? “Settle For Less” by Keath Mead.


Keath Mead is from my hometown roots of South Carolina, but his creative musical forward tribute to a past musical genre, has me over the moon in happy, sweet sounding joy.

Listen with me.


“And you’re searching for answers

much too profound.

What have you found?

You won’t settle for less, not anymore.

 You won’t stop when you never find

what your looking for…..”


Do you hear that Beatlesque sound of the 60’s? I know I do.

From his website you will learn that, “The 25-year-old South Carolina native’s debut album, Sunday Dinner, is as pleasurable as a drive along the coast, as comforting as a day out with friends, and as sweet as pie after lunch. Steeped in the classic sounds of ‘60s and ‘70s pop singer-songwriters, Mead is just as influenced by contemporary artists such as The Shins’ James Mercer and Jack White.”

In my opinion, his music is lovely and worthy of your time and surely his musical seed will settle in your earth, root, and flourish to grow like a blossoming flower in your soul. The more I listen to this song, the more I love.

I don’t know about you, but as Monday arrives, my weepy mood has improved.

I won’t settle for less, not anymore……

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