Esmé Patterson-Oh Let’s Dance and What Do You Call A Woman

According to Wikipedia, dance is the art of movement of the body, usually rhythmically and to music, using prescribed or improvised steps and gestures.


When I was in college, dancing was the thing. Whether you had a dance partner or not, it didn’t matter. It was the ultimate, “I love this song” gesture. Surely you remember….that amazing moment that you just couldn’t stop moving to the beat. Dancing was natural, inevitable, and the more I danced, the more fun I would have.

So nowadays, I wonder what has happened? There are so many moments when dancing would be my Friday night choice of fun. The opportunity to dance seems to only happen at weddings and random odd celebrations, or the local club you regret hanging out in, due to the lingering cigarette smoke in your hair. Well, and of course, the amazing concert of your favorite music du jour.

Now, I usually dance all by my lonesome when the moment presents itself, usually concert listening. Then, organically my movements become a catalyst to the movements of others and dance becomes infectious and catching. When you move to the music, it really doesn’t matter if others follow your rhythm, pulse, and beat. It is all about listening and connecting to the sound and your own unique interpretation of it all. I love it when I start dancing and others follow my beat and make it their own. Dance joy, for sure.

Yes, for me…dancing is important y’all!! It is the most intimate, rhythmic movement that can make or break the chemistry of expression and sometimes even heart pumping love. So, c’mon let’s dance!

Esmé Patterson has a beautiful voice and a “Billy Holiday” style of singing and music sharing. The ultimate female of “folk ‘n roll”. Formerly of the band Paperbird, she has since completed two solo projects. The song I am featuring is “Let’s Dance”, but if her style peaks your interest, you must experience, “What Do You Call A Woman”.

All of her songs are full of powerful vocals and catchy foot tapping beats. I learned about her amazing talent when she paired up with Shakey Graves for a tune or two. I am thankful to add her music to my playlist and I hope you enjoy her lovely diverse, wide ranging vocals too.

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