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What is a promise? A declaration or assurance that one will do a particular thing, or that a particular thing will happen.


Okay, now, what is… promise? The dictionary tells us, that promise shows the quality of potential excellence. I want to believe it might be the intention to consciously move forward in brilliance.

The song, “Promise”, by Hey Rosetta! makes me think about the multiple meanings of that word and how they both seem to seamlessly fit in my life.

I make promises almost daily. Some promises are easy keepers and others are sadly broken and instantly rethought again, more carefully. Mostly, I make promises to myself concerning my life goals, and then others are promises, for example, to make it to a meeting “on time”. Let’s just say, that one, is an issue that constantly haunts me, and a promise I have been working on for decades. No matter the successes or failures I have, I still intentionally move forward with promise and the idea that each day can unfold magically like a blooming flower in the warmth of sweet sunshine.



There is something so beautiful about a song that slowly opens up in intensity and meaning, like that unfolding flower. This is one of those songs. Their music is intentional and cohesive in its design, and seems to consistently build on the basic theme of promise. Hey Rosetta! continues to push their potential while also pushing dreams closer to reality.


Hey Rosetta! is a Canadian seven piece indie rock band from St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador and led by singer/songwriter and guitarist Tim Baker, with Adam Hogan on the guitar, Josh Ward playing bass,  Phil Maloney on drums and percussion, Romesh Thavanathan playing cello and keys, Kinley Dowling playing violin and keys, and last but not least, Mara Pellerin is on the french horn and keys.

From the band biography

“I’d been thinking about potential, about the great promise within all of us that we never seem to fully realize. And as an artist, I’d been fixating on how to get there. Which led to another of the album’s main themes: this idea of shifting your vision slightly – moving away from your everyday, rational, denotative, left- brain way of seeing the world and embracing a more suggestive, intuitive, animalistic and ultimately more interesting ‘second sight’.”

The title of the album is Second Sight, and I totally get it. This song is one of my favorites, but there are many others that I have on repeat, as well. Here is one of the more radio friendly singles from the album, called “Kintsukuroi”. I love how these two songs show their wide range of talent.



“Kintsukuroi is a reference to the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with gold or silver, and asserts that the item is more beautiful for being broken. Lyrically, it is a song about love, real broken love and seeing flaws as well as the possibility for redemption and repair.”

They are coming to Atlanta on Saturday, May 9th  at 12:30 for the Shaky Knees Festival. So buy your tickets now, and plan lunch before or after, but just don’t miss them! If you’re not near Atlanta for Shaky Knees, check out their extensive tour schedule, HERE.

Because after all, “An acre of performance is worth a whole world of promise.”~William Dean Howells



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