Bands To Bend Your Ear/Shaky Knees-Blank Range-Last Crash Landing


C’mon. let’s talk Shaky Knees.

Yep this is the happy, amazing musical festival for the city of Atlanta, and okay I will say it….the  reinvented Coachella of the south.  What is not to love about the 2015 incredible line-up?

Let’s give a much needed kudos and multiple hand claps to those that brought about the compilation of incredibly talented and diverse musicians to this festival.

You can come and sing along with the big, headliner names with me, but let’s take a look at some of the small print on the festival poster. You know, the up and coming bands that are along for this wild Atlanta ride. I want to support the acts that are seriously worthy of this festival, but they may just need a proper southern introduction. So here ya’ go!

For the next couple of weeks I will share the bands that I have listened to and love.
Friday 5/8 music….get there for this early band because they are seriously cool. At 12:30 on Friday, you have to listen to Blank Range.  So plan for crazy traffic, parking headaches, and walking a million miles before you get to the entrance. Please don’t miss them due to poor planning. They will set the stage for the weekend of music and fun. Blank Range has a sound that really peaks my interest…..give them a listen.

Blank Range is a solid rock and roll band from Nashville, Tennessee. They are Matt Novotny – Drums, Jonathan Rainville – Keys, Grant Gustafson – Baritone Guitar, and Jonathon Childers – Guitar. The song, “Last Crash Landing”, is just one of their amazing tunes. Listen to that voice and sway with the hip shaking tambourine. What is not to love and appreciate?




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