Apache Sun-Silhouettes

Mood Monday


So many things to do and so little time…..

Some days are just hectic and busy. On those Mondays, it is nice to share a band that I’ve been listening to lately. Every song has me excited and I really have struggled to pick only one song of theirs to share with you. The song, “Silhouettes” is my kind of cool and I like the hypnotic, artsy video. Watching it with the oohs and aahs, helps me to chill. This song is perfect to listen to today, tomorrow, and basically on and on. Because we all know ‘busy’ will never stop.

“and I’ll come back again…”



Apache Sun is a Psych rock band from Glasgow, Scotland. They are singer-guitarist Kris Mitchell, and bassist Pete Bruce. They began their project after meeting in college. Now they are full-time buskers (street performers) waiting on some real gigs. I am on a psych rock kick lately. Seriously, check them out, Apache Sun.




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