Redspencer-Ride It Out

This may be the most important mantra that I have ever found in a song, “Ride It Out”.

source-we heart it

How could that ever be a bad thing?

Finding and making the time to thoughtfully consider all of the possible moves you can choose, is important. Drama, sadness, worry, fear, and even those close but difficult relationships can be complicated and crazily muddle the brain. But, all emotions benefit from just taking a moment to ride it out. Time, proves to me, that over and over, it really is my friend. I am an emotional and wild hearted person, so I have always tended to let my emotions get the best of me.

Not anymore.

I have learned that time and space is good to me and that the unusual nature and vibe from a loved one can be forgotten and isn’t cause for an all out Armageddon.

Life with loved ones may be so complicated. The love is there, but perhaps forgotten. Lack of interest in one another and the lack of time spent together can throw giant, wonky wrenches in relationships.

My advice is to invest in the people you love and be there for them. Call, check in, learn about their wants and wishes. Ask important questions, and really listen to their answers .When that doesn’t happen…love can be lost. Sadly lost.

Then when the relationship drama becomes more than you can handle…..”Ride It Out”

This is a straightforward, pleasing tune from a band that came to me randomly. Redspencer is calming, soothing, and lyrically thoughtful. They are David, Aiden, and Andre. Their new EP is out now. They are from Australia and deserve some USA love and respect. The shiny sound of this tune is a nice welcome to summer.


Whatever you might be facing that may be more difficult than you think you could ever handle…..just ride it out.



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