Girlpool-Ideal World

Simplicity upon closer examination can actually be quite complex.

A daisy is one of the most casual and simple of all flowers. With a cluster of plain white petals and an interior yellow center, it seems understated and basic. But, don’t sell it short. Look at the petals and the lines in each one, observe the center and the complex parts which create the color we see. Tiny dots of yellow, all different sizes and each amazingly complex and unique.


The stripped down simplicity of a thump of a bass guitar and two complementary voices, combine to create a powerful, unforgettable, and complex sound. Within the song are lyrics that make me curious, expressing simple thoughts that I connect with wholeheartedly. “Ideal World” shows the vulnerability and beautiful honesty of the band, Girlpool.




” I thought I found myself today,

no one’s noticed, things are okay

I took a walk down the street

found nothing, beneath my feet

I feel safest in knowing that I am true

When I look in your eyes, the idea of you…”


I feel as if I could learn to play this song on my own, if I sat down for a while with a guitar. Although, I believe something magical happens when Harmony Tividad and Cleo Tucker combine their musical talents, and it can’t be recreated.


This simple song, charged with an intensity, begs me to listen to the entire album in one sitting, and that is exactly what I did. Drawn to the rawness of the songs, I can’t stop listening and thinking about it. The album, Before The World Was Big, was released a couple of weeks ago and its freshness is definitely something to take notice of.

Yep, take something simple and maybe complicate it with thought and emotion. Connecting my life and the music I listen to, I admit I complicate the simple structure of it all. As I look over my writing, it makes me chuckle and appreciate the simple intensely because it is all so very perplexing.

So, I have to throw in a simple 40 second Girlpool video for you to enjoy. Simply perfect.

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      1. Yeah I agree with the line up being sub par, but I am going anyway. RTJ, VH (don’t laugh), Tove Lo (missed her at Roo), Elton (again) and Kodaline are who I want to see. Hope to see you!

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