TV On The Radio-Careful You


This song is stuck in my head. I am playing the lyric video again, just to listen again. What is it about some tunes that stay with you? Is it a formula? I think this song is pretty mainstream, but somehow it stays with me and I just can’t shake it. Therefore, I thought that I should share. TV On The Radio, fairly  quiet since 2011, has appeared on the scene with two songs from their highly anticipated album, Seeds, out November 17th. I find both of them to be catchy and foot-tapping. But, “Careful You”, is my latest obsession. You know a song is important when you wake up each morning with the tune in your head. This song takes an experimental synth-indie sound and pairs it with simple lyrics and smooth vocals to create a truly infectious and haunting sound.



TV On The Radio is from Brooklyn and they are

  • Tunde Adebimpe – Lead vocals, backing vocals, programmer, sequencer (2001–present)
  • Kyp Malone – Backing vocals, lead vocals, guitar, bass, synthesizer, strings (2003–present)
  • David Andrew Sitek – Lead guitar, programming, sampler, bass, synthesizer, horns, percussion (2001–present)
  • Jaleel Bunton – Drums, percussion (2005–present in studio; 2005–11 live), guitar, Rhodes, organ, synthesizer (2005–present), programmer, strings (2008–present), bass (2011–present)



Sadly in March 2011 Gerard Smith, the band’s bassist, was battling lung cancer and TVOTR announced his death just one month later. That has to waylay a band and naturally they took some time to cope with the tragedy of their deep loss. Thankfully, creativity and musicality can’t be stopped and this new album will bring them back to us. Maybe they are changed as a band, but they are still remarkable at the same time.

More please.


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