Well, can you believe it is the day after Halloween?!

I should be cleaning up, putting away decorations, and washing the smoky bonfire smell out of my costume, but here I am typing away on a blog post I began several days ago. It seems that I had multiple interruptions this week and my normal routine has gone to the dogs. I am not complaining, the interruptions were in the name of an itty bit of work and a whole mess of fun. At the heart of everything I do, I listen to a bunch of quality music. Lately, I haven’t worked beyond the listening portion of my music blog, so today, I plan to do more.

This tune has incredible energy, dance potential, and a worthy sing-a-long.

Coromandelles-The Project


What do LA’s Tijuana Panthers, Cold War Kids, and The Shins have in common?

Daniel Michicoff – vocals, guitar, Matt Maust – bass, and Joe Plummer – drums of each of those bands respectively, have formed a new band called, Coromandelles.




Their new album, Late Bloomers’ Bloomers is a welcome, to the playful edge of  listening.

As I listen to their collaborative side project, I believe they move in an interesting creative direction distinctly different from their original bands. They have explored a musical place that finds listeners, like me, wanting to spread the news and joy of a purely pleasing sound.

I think the song, “The Project”, has a killer throw back twang of the late 60’s, but has an added modern experimental vibe that can’t be ignored. The guitars twang and sing, the hazy vocals wrap you in, but the drums lead the charge with their power trippy pop! The rest of the album pushes the music organically in many different innovative directions and explores foreign language, as well as unconventional sound. As I listen to all of the songs, I can tell this project was a heap of fun for them to create and shape, and this song proves to be a favorite of mine.


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