Mood Monday-Demo Taped-Game On

Mood Monday.

photo credit-Joe McAdam
photo credit-Joe McAdam

Atlanta is chock full of talent.

Musicians, artists, creatives, and entrepreneurs keep our city spinning and moving forward. Living in this city, I sometimes forget how alive and vibrant it is. Okay, I may sometimes take it for granted. When I tap my Bandsintown app looking for music coming to Atlanta, I am reminded there is a plethora of talent almost every hour, every night! I find myself having to pick and choose due to busy time constraints and not really having the funds to go to every single show.

Yep, a girl could go broke.

When I hear a new sound and a new artist, I want to support their talent. Lo and behold, I then stumble upon an artist recording right here in Atlanta!

I captured a bit of this song and had to find out about the song, the guy behind it, and the inspiration. Listen for yourself.

Demo taped-Game On


Demo taped, is Atlanta native Adam Alexander. He shares his electronic/soul solo project hoping to spread love and good vibes.



It is his electronic/experimental/pop sound which captures me on this rainy Monday. My vibe has changed from damp and dreary to surprisingly good spirits. Adam sings the lyrics with smooth vocals, and I love the mix of electronic game like sounds interspersed throughout the song. Doing a little research, I found Adam’s inspiration for the tune on Pigeons and Planes,

“I sometimes let my fears—past, present, and future—get the best of me, and now I’m trying to get to a place where I’m ready to face it head on!”

In an interview with Booooooom, he talks frankly about his struggle with depression and how making music helps him cope.

“In my lifetime, I would like to just spread good vibes and love wherever I go. I think that’s why I’m here on Earth. I think my purpose is to spread good feelings and love through the music and art that I create.”

I say, keep the music coming! Adam is an interesting young guy with a bright future in music. I totally expect an EP might be on the way soon, and perhaps a live show? I look forward to hearing continued good news about this Atlanta talent.

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