Mood Monday-Winter-All The Things You Do

Mood Monday.

Is it just me or is it always raining?


I have gone out of my way to avoid the incessant rain deluge that has parked itself in Atlanta since Halloween. Seeking out projects inside, avoiding taking out my sweet little cocker spaniel, and forever wishing the bad weather away, creates a restlessness in me. I spent the day hunkered down and if I had to escape, I dashed to the safety of a car sporting a giant umbrella and clunky rain boots.

Rainy days are perfect for listening to music.

I am way behind in listening to all of the music submissions, so I huddled up on my cozy couch with my puppy keeping me warm company, and I listened.

Rainy days are perfect for daydreaming and dreamy music.

Winter-All The Things You Do

“See you in my dreams
Wake up your with me
Into the hotel lobby

Know you through your songs
Wish I could be your one
Meet me at my front porch

You and all the things you do
You and all the things you do
I’ll go anywhere for you

My heart breaks into two
When I remember our distance
The loneliness creeps in

You and all the things you do
You and all the things you do
I’ll go anywhere for you
I’ll go anywhere for you
I’ll go anywhere for you”

Winter is the band behind this dream-like sonic experience. Samira Winter is the band’s heavenly voice/guitarist, Matt Hogan is the lead guitar, David Yorr plays bass, and Garren Orr is on drums. They began in Boston but ended up in Los Angeles honing the skills of their distinctive ethereal vocals layered over melodic guitars.


Winter released their debut LP, Supreme Blue Dream, on Lolipop Records earlier this year and their new single “All The Things You Do” just came out on Burger Records. They are doing an extensive tour right now supporting Allison Weiss and will find themselves in Atlanta on November 12th at The Masquerade.

Thanks to a kind email, nudging me to listen today, I have found the best track for an insane day of nothing but rain. Well, and I happily found music filled with an enchanting power to completely forget about the weather!

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