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Mood Monday

Fly like an arrow….



I’m a sucker for a saxophone and a song that speaks truths of the heart. This song won me over immediately. I am new to Grappell, but this tune seems perfect for my mood today in all of its intricate simplicity, so I just had to share. The track “Arrow” has a soulful quality that grabs my attention on yet another rainy Monday. The sun depicted in the lovely photo is a personal want and  unfortunately not the reality of my day.


Is there no love left to make?
I got the look that you gave
And it got me down on my knees
“close your eyes and you’ll see”

“Its not in the time or the place
Or in the money you make
You dream of feeling complete
But you don’t even know what you need”

And In the dead of night
When the feeling is right
You’re sinking down to your knees
And you’re begging for love

And it is in the way that I take
Its in the way that I fake
And I’m too fed-up to see
That you’re too sharp for me

Is there love left to make?
Or just a game left to play?
With all the moves we should make
And all the things we shouldn’t say

Yeah I’ve never hurt with anyone else
the way I hurt with you
Yeah I’ve never hurt with anyone else
The way I hurt with you
You’ve got the feel of a knife
You cut me up and let me dry

Some people turn in the wind
Others find ways to get in
You always move towards your goal
You fly like an arrow

And I’m seeing signs everywhere
But none too bright or too clear
They’re pointing different ways
Shooting holes in my brain

You offer others your help
But never got the time for yourself
You’re drawing lines in the ground
You want to be lost and found

But it’s in the way that we merge
It’s in the way that we hurt
It’s in the way we’re so mean
And it’s in the way that we love

Yeah I’ve never loved with anyone else
The way I loved with you
I’ve never loved with anyone else
The way I loved with you
You’ve got the feel of a knife
You make me feel alright




Grapell, Emil Erstrand and Nils Nygårdh, are long time friends and an alternative duo from Stockholm. To me, this song suggests the strife between love and pain. Why are we tortured so? Why can’t love be easy and simple? Because we all know, love is multifaceted and complicated. The love of a mother, father, friend, sibling, spouse, child….they all have different roles and ways of dealing with life. This tune carefully rides the line of  the intense emotion of love and the depth of feeling and how it can be painful at times.  A human truth, right?

Power to Grapell for musically nailing the fine line we all walk, when it comes to love. Do we give enough? Get enough? Share enough? Understand enough? Hmmm. A song worthy of soulful contemplation.

Grapell explains:

“Initially we were inspired by ‘King Kunta’ by Kendrick Lamar when playing around in our rehearsal space. But in the end it turned out to be something completely different. It all happened very spontaneous so we wanted to release it that way too. We’ll see if it ends up on the next release we’re currently working on.”

This tune can’t be farther from Kendrick’s song, but I sense a slightly similar distress and discord. Powerful and worthy of placing on the EP, for sure. Interesting to think of the two different tunes and how a song begins and develops.


P.S. By the way, I really want to know who that interesting older gentleman is on the song promotion. Chime in please, anybody?


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