Motopony-Get Down (Come Up)


Mood Monday.

“Would you walk with me,

would you take some time?”



critical and important to any relationship, but sometimes saying nothing can speak volumes. Quiet can be easy and comfortable and actually kind of cool. Do you feel awkward in silence? Do you fill in every quiet moment with words?

I have decided I am really an introvert with an extrovert persona. Okay, both? I thrive in the quiet and then when I’ve had enough, I like being out and about with friends and loved ones. I don’t really like huge parties because they tend to be idle small talk. I can small talk with the rest of them, but it leaves me feeling as if I missed an important moment or opportunity. In a room full of people, I tend to seek out someone who I can exchange conversation with beyond weather, work, travel, and school subjects.

The moment when you dig deep in conversation can be a beautiful one, especially when you have an earnest listener and contributor.

“Can we talk about love

can we talk about dying”


Communication begins with thoughts. Next, it is passed on with words or symbols, then it is received and interpreted.

Think about the depth of that.

There is so much that goes on in a simple conversation. Is it possible that some people can connect and communicate beyond words? Their thoughts and ideas are aligned in a jaw dropping, “Oh yeah!” way. I have experienced that on occasion. You know, the conversation where you find a kindred spirit, a confidant, and/or a new set of ideas that make you question your own thoughts, and consider new ones?

I believe,

Screen shot 2014-10-25 at 11.28.31 PM

Can the exchange of ideas happen effectively through a typed screen? Probably not. Think about all of the non-verbal ques that occur in a conversation. Communication experts estimate more than 50% of communication between humans is non-verbal. Not exactly telepathy, but certainly similar. So Facebook, twitter and texts, just don’t really give the whole picture. Maybe we, as humans, are decisively moving away from the real interpersonal connection of a true face to face conversation. Or perhaps, those simple chats and Facebook messages build a friendship and prompt you to connect more deeply.

My Mood Monday song is “Get Down (Come Up)” and it conveys a multitude of feelings in just a few well chosen words. Listen.

The band behind this song is Motopony and they are from Seattle/Tacoma, Washington. They are Daniel Blue (Vox + Guitar), Forrest Mauvais (Drums), Mike Notter (Guitar + Vox), Terry Mattson (Bass + Vox), Andrew Butler (Keys + Vox), and Nate Daley (Guitar + Vox). Their story is obviously one of communication, conversation, and collaboration. Six guys, six opinions, and six talented artists that create the most eclectic combinations of sounds and rhythms. Back in 2011, the group’s self-titled album received a hailstorm of acclaim from critics all over. Rolling Stone included Motopony as one of the “25 Can’t Miss Acts Of SXSW 2012,” NPR’s All Things Considered called the album “a great record,” and MTV’s Buzzworthy Blog hailed Motopony as “the best band ever.”

Daniel Blue discusses the new EP on their website…

“Idle Beauty represents a season of transformation and stands as a testament to the stuff we’ve been through,” adds Blue.  “I’ve always believed in synergy and the idea that the sum is greater than the parts, and the mingling of everyone’s input is something that’s deeply spiritual and magical to me.  My dream is that everyone will feel invested, because when I look around on stage, I want to feel like I’m with my tribe.  I think that we’re on to something special here.”

The album exudes an emotional energy, that makes you think, tap your toes, and really, really listen.

How did I find out about this amazing band? It was a simple conversation. A music friend shared his appreciation of their music and his wonder at their live performance when he traveled to the west coast a while back.


The new Motopony EP, Idle Beauty, is out now and worth a serious listen. Or maybe you should just check them out live, face to face.


  • Oct 28-New Brookland Tavern
    Columbia, SC
  • Oct 29-Drunken Unicorn
    Atlanta, GA
  • Oct 30-Cat’s Cradle
    Carrboro, NC
  • Nov 2-Juanita’s Tavern
    Little Rock, AK
  • Nov 4-Hal & Mal’s
    Jackson, MS
  • Nov 5-Zanzabar
    Louisville, KY
  • Nov 7-Musica
    Akron, OH
  • Nov 10-Rockwood Music Hall
    New York, NY




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