Charleston Brewvival 2016-Part 2

Yesterday in Atlanta we had freezing rain. I took full advantage of that weather to hunker down and do a little daydreaming. I closed my eyes and thought about the bluebird skies I experienced in Charleston, last weekend.

While daydreaming of those beautiful days and in continuation of reporting on my fun weekend, I must return to Brewvival.

Even though I was only there for one day, I  met so many, and lived so large, I needed two posts about the experience. If you missed the last blog and want to catch up…here you go Brewvival Blog Part 1. The post will help to give you the background you might need, if you are joining the party a little late.

Sooo… I wandered through the intriguing and beguiling crowds of Brewvival, I came upon this effervescent guy, Scott, who seemed to be very comfortable in his man-ness.


Okay, yes, he is wearing a kilt, but he said there were  incredible advantages to it. The wearing of a kilt is his 18th century nod to the Scottish Highland sporting games. It suggests to me, some easy going fun! If it had been colder, he said he would’ve worn his family tartan kilt. You have to give him props for making a bold choice and also attracting this pretty girl, Kim.

Throughout Brewvival, I was standing in line and tasting some really yummy beers. Everyone was there for the specialty brews. I made every effort to try and pace myself due to the little glasses, the mega abundance of beers, as well as the inherent high alcohol content. I was beginning to worry I was seeing strange things….


As it turns out, this was really a ‘thing’. Every time I turned around I saw someone with crazy chops and sunglasses. Rubbing my eyes to be sure they were clear, I decided to get to the bottom of this new fashion phenomena. I was able to capture just three of the bunch, but apparently there were many more in a group that received the fun $2.99 gift as a Brewvival happy! I’m not completely sure, but I think Ben (left above) might have been the buying culprit. Susan and Lars (might be a pseudonym) were easily found in the crowd and I took this picture (who is the photo bomber?).  Can you believe that many of their group traveled all the way from Chicago? I bet that was some kinda crazy road trip. If I attend Brewvival next year, I am going to put on my thinking cap and come up with a merrymaking fashion accessory.

Lines were becoming longer as the day progressed, due to beers tapping out. So, it became a fun game of finding the best beers with the smallest lines. I made it a point to eavesdrop on conversations about the choicest ones to try, while waiting in line. That’s when you meet the most fun people, who can really navigate their way around good craft beers.


Here are my friends with seriously good taste in brews. I stumbled upon them multiple times (no, I wasn’t stalking, but they seemed to know) and after chatting it up, I had to record the moment with some snappy pictures. Danny, Jeffery and Laura were kind enough to agree to my photo op. Then, I met their friend Mike in the psychedelic tee and couldn’t resist another. I am not sure who the guy in the background is, I wish he had stepped up and chatted with us as well. Photo bombing always makes me laugh, cause I never see it until I get home.


The time had officially arrived where I need a little sit down time. I saw a marching band approaching and thought I could take a little music rest. As I was sitting there a couple of gals flew into my area. Arms outstretched and shuffling and gliding their feet, I felt compelled to capture their happy spirits. Ann and Karry were as free as birds and I admire that attitude. What is not to love about their cuteness?


Enter stage right, the funky jazz band strutting down the street. No, they are not the Bartlett Yancey Band. Ha ha ha, that is just the drum he owns.  A little odd, but darn good, spirit soaring music came my way from The Roaring Lions, an Asheville jazz band. They were seriously parading down the street toward me, so I took tons of photos, but this is the best of the bunch.


Here’s a little sample listen of their happy jubilation, with a piano added (note: there was no piano in their parade!)

The Roaring Lions- Oh Baby!

As I was chillin’, now that the day was coming to a close, I couldn’t help but hear the boisterous laughter from the group sitting beside us. They were having good times, without a doubt!


Paul, Schultz, Rachel, and Clark came down from Maryland to attend Brewvival. If my memory serves me right, she works for National Security. How cool is that?

We then picked up our chairs and filled our glasses one last time and headed out to the parking lot. It was a such a fun time and no one wanted it to end. That’s when I met up with these guys. I was struck with curiosity about the fellow in the preppy shorts and tweed blazer. But then as we were chatting, I spied his famous tee from The Clermont Lounge, a notorious strip club in Atlanta. Good golly what a get up, right?


Say hello to Adam, Daniel (in the middle) and Eric. They were in disbelief that I knew the Clermont Lounge. No, I have never been there, but I have heard the crazy stories which swirl around the 60+ year old strippers.We started talking and chuckling. What fun guys.

After our brief conversation, Eric presented me with a gift. He and his buddies carried around the unusual drinks and would pass them to people they enjoyed. I was his final recipient. It was an Underberg!


Apparently, the herbal liqueur is a secret family recipe carefully guarded by the Underberg family of Germany. I felt honored and a little dumbfounded that he would give me such a prized gift. Thanks! What an amazing end to an awesome day, surprises at every turn.


As we all filed out of Coast Brewing and the 2016 Brewvival, my friend Judy raised her glass to say goodbye!

Cheers y’all!

Before I end my post,  I must leave you all with a comic I saw in the newspaper funnies this week. I’m sort of worried Sarge and I might have the same taste preferences in beer….oh well.



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