Mothers//Warehouse//Red Sea at The Earl

Much ado about something.

There has been a lot of press about Mothers since their appearance at CMJ last October. This band is from the music town of Athens, Ga, but they have a uniquely separate sound from many of the musicians and bands coming out of the Athens music mecca. Each of their songs punch the power of artistic lyrics, combined with swooping waves of instrumentation. While listening to Mothers in the privacy of my own home, the combination deeply pierces my emotions, but hearing them live is simply off the chain. The musical waves come toward you and recede dramatically and you find your self caught in an under toe of another intense world. A world in which, you want to catch every sound, note, and word to better understand the ideas and how an emphasized lyric finds you holding back a tear or jamming to the rhythm. Intoxicating.

So, you say you had a busy night last Saturday? I say you missed music of epic proportions. But, here is my iPhone slideshow, so you can at least see what I saw. Then, despite the grainy, bad pictures, I hope you will buy their music and find a way to see them live while they tour in support of their latest release, When You Walk A Long Distance You Are Tired.






Lead singer, Kristine Leschper, sang with mostly closed eyes or simply focused on her guitar, almost as if she was in another place far from the crowd. When she did peer out into the audience, you felt the power of her voice and moving lyrics.


Amazing, when you see this curly mess of strings at the end of Drew Kirby’s guitar and realize the playing of his guitar is brilliantly tangled too.


Constant power and motion. It was close to impossible to get a good shot, but this one illustrates the speed and precision of his strumming.




Thrilled they played this one, a favorite of mine.

Mothers-Hold Your Own Hand


The night wouldn’t be complete without sharing the support bands.

Here is a shot of  Warehouse‘s lead singer, Elaine Edenfield. I loved the way she would pause between her guttural vocals and send her focus back to the rest of the band while they played their hearts out.




And even though I arrived a bit late, I had a chance to hear a few cool songs by Red Sea.

Red Sea-Life Image Module


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