Mood Monday-Cat Clyde-Mama Said

With the ending of another year, I sense a personal need for change and positive growth. The music today reinforces my internal yearning. Stop by my blog and listen with me.

Stolen Jars-Folded Out

Complicated. Sometimes my days are like this. Trying to do too much in one small period of time. Yep, I am one of “those people” that has difficulty making it to appointments on time, setting schedules, and completing tasks in a timely manner. What is my lame excuse? I really have none, except the truth….

Martha-Dust, Juice, Bones and Hair

  “I am mostly bones, I am mostly liquids, I am mostly air.”     Martha is a band out of Durham, UK and it is kind of funny that no one in the band is named Martha. How’d they come up with that name? Even though the name is sort of generic, the band’s…

Elim Bolt-Dingy

A yummy lunch on the porch of a beautifully aged historical Charleston “single” house delivered this fun song. I know it seems odd,  but amazingly, good music sometimes magically appears. This dining experience puts a hefty stamp on and confirms my love of alternative music, the hopeful newbie band, and the exciting opportunity to meet…

Maybird-Call You Mine

31 Days of Music Day 12 Maybird, out of Rochester, NY, is a five piece band and new on the scene to me. They are Josh Netsky (singer /songwriter), Sam Snyder (guitar), Mike Schuler (bass), Kurt Johnson (pedal steel), and Adam Netsky (drums). There isn’t much information about them, but I am appreciating their music…