The Cabin Tapes-Born from a love for music

My inbox runneth over and is filled with amazing music.

Today, I had to stop what I was doing to enlighten you concerning an unusually creative approach to sharing music. I was emailed from NY requesting I take a look/listen and check out a web series. The series features artists playing their songs in a cabin, and not just any old cabin in the woods. This particular cabin was specifically designed and built as a respite to the hustling, bustling big apple,  New York City.

Nicholas Hunt designed and built the 55 square foot studio retreat in Brooklyn. He explains in Dwell Magazine,

“The point of the project for me was an escape from the city—both in terms of building it and hanging out in it, inhabiting it,” says Hunt, who spent a total of about seven days over four months constructing the space. “It was for the act of building and to be able to do this for myself, to be my own client; that’s something young architects rarely get a chance to do.”



Unfortunately, after two years of standing, the cabin was carefully dismantled and the web series captures the changes to the cabin. With each video, the cabin progressively continues to lose part of its structure until only remnants remain. Visually, it forms the perfect backdrop as the singers/songwriters strum their guitars and belt out their tunes.

This incredible series, filmed in the backyard of a Brooklyn brownstone, houses a unique one room cabin, a musical artist, and a reel to reel to capture the sound. A glimpse into the stunning performances proves to be an intimate, creative experience. The songs and videos are a part of a Kickstarter campaign to create an album from the  recordings. You can support these emerging singer-songwriters by contributing to the Kickstarter and helping fund the album, or by sharing this innovative idea and first-rate videos with others.

I thought I would point out a couple of gems included on the upcoming album. In the first video, the singer/songwriter is Sarah Aili acoustically performing, “Slow Down”. Her smooth as a pearl vocals shimmer throughout this video. Even more lovely are her lyrics which express the deep wanting and desire for a lover who isn’t taking the time to explore the relationship. It is a promise letter difficult to ignore and makes my heart melt.

The second video is a bluesy jam laden with the power and emotion of a traumatic realization. Punching gritty vocals along with the exclamation of burning guitar plucks is a compelling scene to listen to and watch. The singer’s ability to strap a powerful performance in a quiet sleepy shell of a cabin is a juxtaposition which proves a bit unnerving and beautiful at the same time. Wil Farr‘s acoustic performance of “Empty Bag of Bones” is emotional but has a depth of personal strength and optimism despite the painful personal reflection, as the (not to miss) lyrics end with,

“What will be, will be”

I am only sharing two of 15 outstanding talents. This web series and album pressing project has the ability to springboard careers and help them develop a loyal audience. From the videographers, to the singers/songwriters, to the architect/builder and the creative dreamers, I am all for supporting hardworking and stellar artistry.

Won’t you help? Here’s all the info….

Cabin Tapes Kickstarter





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