Mood Monday-Star Parks-Theoretical Girls

Mood Monday

It has been a pretty mediocre day, in my mediocre sorta life.

But despite that odd observation, giant dreams are buried within me and this is one moment I kinda dream of…..

a band

in my yard

playing perfect music.

Darn, there is nothing sweeter and nothing more pure than raw musical skills out there for all to see. You know what I mean? No stage lights or crazy sound systems and the absence of an audience other than a few supportive, fun friends…..the unembellished joy of really good stuff.

Here ya’ go! I hope you appreciate the pureness as much as I do….

Star Parks-Theoretical Girls

The song, “Theoretical Girls” is far from mediocre, one solid reason why I love it so. Simple thoughts, simple chords, but arranged perfectly to create a profound impact. The video further illustrates the song’s beauty by the natural, pure delivery.


Photo: Dave Creaney

Star Parks is a band out of Austin, Texas….Andy Bianculli – Guitar, Vocals, Ben Burdick – Bass, Vocals, Maurice Ramos – Guitar, Vocals, Nathaniel Klugman – Keys and Keith Lough – Drums. On their Facebook page, they describe their music as clever, but accessible. I find that description rings true, with a sound I appreciate in my current mood. I can’t wait to hear more from this band.




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