Courtship-Love For Everyone

Mood Monday

I don’t know about you, but I am in need of finding a song that totally lifts my spirits. My feelings are on edge, I feel worried and wonky. I am just not myself. The world seems to be moving and changing in crazy directions and I feel as if I have no control.

Despite this grey matter clouding my head and my heart, my mood can be lifted exponentially by a fun, sparkly song. I listened to a ton of new submissions, and this song stuck in my head as a song which can’t be ignored.

Given today’s weird atmosphere, there is something so incredibly positive about a song that celebrates everyone with complete tolerance and acceptance. Hurray….right?


courtship.-Love For Everyone


“Yea, its been a rough week

but you will find what you seek

count on me.

just follow, but don’t speak…”




This track, “Love For Everyone”, is only one of two tracks I found by the band, courtship. Their Facebook page bio says,

“Courtship is Eli Hirsch, 21 and Micah Gordon, 23. The boys met when they found themselves both playing in the backing band of another LA artist, and within 3 weeks of knowing each other, they had already started a project.

On paper, they don’t make much sense. Eli grew up in Portland OR, playing in indie rock bands since he was 13, while Micah grew up near the beach in LA and is a trained jazz pianist. But somehow, it just worked. Inspired both by artists like MGMT, Passion Pit, Starfucker and Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Cyndi Lauper

Eli and Micah write and produce everything in Micah’s bedroom by the ocean. Courtship.”

There may not be a whole lot of information on this formidable duo, but if this fantastic sounding track is any hint at what’s to come, I’m on board! Thank you courtship. for creating something lovely and bright. You certainly  lifted my Monday mood.


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