Mood Monday-Sad, But Always Hopeful…Listen

Mood Monday


Okay, I am a bit sick. This election has brought out so much division and hate and negativity that I am physically ill. Yep, you can probably guess where my vote went. But before you yell, “Sore Loser”, I want you to just take a moment to see my side. I worry the side that won was completely duped and snookered.

I have had many tell me they needed a businessman at the helm of our country. This just makes me so sad. A businessman who never paid taxes, yelled derogatory comments at all walks of life, and bullied his way to the White House. I am sick this is the outcome of our election.

What makes me even sadder is that this was a pretty evenly divided election. So now I have to face a group of friends and even some relatives who voted for a man who has no experience and the only thing we know about him is what he says. Let’s just say that isn’t a ringing endorsement for me.

So I have been sick….and this song perfectly describes it with a punch of power that I cannot bring forth. Listen.



Despite the aches and ills of my heart, I still have hope. I believe in our Democracy and know that when things crumble and are unrecognizable that something new will rise from it. I have to believe in this truth. I know many positive things have occurred. After a week of funk, I am actively choosing to seek out the beauty of humanity. With that said, here is my plan….

  1. Big Sisters has had so many inquiries from women asking to volunteer that they have had to turn people away. I imagine there are other flooded organizations, but that is the one I know about. I am still contemplating my volunteer action. I feel the need to find an organization and give of myself.
  2. I belong to a few groups of women who collectively support acts of kindness to minorities, and all those who feel disenfranchised. Thousands of women are sharing this everyday….amazing!
  3. I have found my people. I feel loved and supported by people who have reached out to me and believe in the same fundamental principles I believe in.
  4. Because I have been bullied on my private social media account, I have learned to be more tolerant of opposing views. I go overboard to make sure the person with an opposite view feels validated before I share my side. When and if I share, it is done in  a thoughtful and respectful way.
  5. Each day since the election, I have made a conscious effort to have face to face conversations with others very different from me. A smile and a hello can be an amazing thing.
  6. I refuse to be silent, but I need to really read up on all of the facts. I won’t engage others in confrontational chats, but when someone asks me, I have decided I need to know more than I ever thought before. Facts, figures, and examples. I want to swirl my head with these and be able to speak about them confidently.
  7. I want to put my action where my mouth is….If I believe in a cause enough to be sad when it is threatened, then I need to actively support it by volunteering or financially supporting it NOW.
  8. Then finally, but most importantly….Always act from a place of love. That is all that matters, right?

Also I have been listening to comfort music on repeat. This song is hopeful and quite lovely. Listen.

Carl Broemel-Best Of


The Artists


CREDIT: Lucie Murphy

Peaer is a slow math rock band out of Brooklyn. Singer songwriter Peter Katz is the lead and supported by drummer Max Kupperberg and bassist Michael Steck. On their bandcamp site it states,

“Performing with a rotating lineup of musicians, Peaer is an object set in motion, staying in motion. Songwriter Peter Katz (formerly of Fugue, Poverty Hollow, Suns) has an understanding of dynamics, amplitude, and melody as they interact as physical bodies, pushing, pulling, peaking and falling. Consequently, Peaer produces songs about communication as a force on a linguistic and kinetic level communication between individuals, between yourself and other self, between your heart and your brain.”


Carl Broemel


Carl Broemel is a solo artist from Indiana best known for his guitar support with My Morning Jacket. Named one of Rolling Stones “20 New Guitar Gods”, he also plays pedal steel guitar, and the saxophone. This tune, “Best Of” is from his second solo album, 4th  of July. 


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