High Water Festival Flashback-Day Two in Photos

Pinch me, I might just be dreaming….

These words explain exactly how I felt for day two of High Water Festival. The weather, the venue on the Cooper River, the food, the drink choices, and THE MUSIC, THE MUSIC, THE MUSIC.

When I thought the first day couldn’t be topped, day two unfolded with promise and bubbling excitement. Exploring was the agenda for day one, day two had heavy worn paths of experience, so it became more laid back and natural. I successfully navigated time in between sets to spend with dear friends and to meet new people. Day two unfolded perfectly, despite the chance of storms coming through by days end.

The quiet ache of my feet and legs, proved to be almost energizing and invigorating. It reminded me of the running and music joy I experienced. I knew I would work through it rather quickly. The line-up for day two was insane, and I knew I had to be on my toes!

Day two was a day that I didn’t want to miss any detail, so it began with the entrance and this adorable gal working the Spectrum check-in. Kooshy job? Perhaps, but I hope she was relieved often so she could experience more than just the throngs of people entering the venue.


Also at the entrance, I was greeted by a hopeful couple. The Festival was sold out months ago and any affordable tickets were scarce. I hope they made it in, but honestly next year you are all going to have to jump on board before you get left behind. It is so risky, to not have tickets. Full disclosure, I have been in their shoes many times doing just this with a tad more begging and pleading. Sometimes it works….sometimes it doesn’t.

Breezing through the entrance, We found our camp spot and rushed to the stage to see The Suffers. We were greeted with a giant splash of Sass. This band began with an important crowd pleasing vibe, reminding all, don’t miss the first acts of the day!

The Suffers


Sporting a swishy satin skirt, white cowboy boots, and highlighter yellow nail polish, we were greeted with a serious musical attitude of confidence, authority, and energy.






Even those that didn’t know her music, listened attentively and answered her questions with assuredness. “Yes, she can cook for us….we’ll make some room!”


She rewarded us handsomely with her vocal brilliance and the band’s burst of dancing sound. Nothing sleepy about this set! We were all moving to the groove.



Looking around, I really hoped this guy was wearing a whole heap of suntan lotion. He was actually dressed appropriately because the humidity and heat was setting in.


One of the only complaints from day one, were the long bar lines. As I passed a drink station, I noticed the important changes made for day two. They had more people behind the bar, and made specific lines for beer versus cocktails. It made a gigantic difference.

Way to go guys!


Kinks worked out, it was time for more music.

Up next was Indianola. I was introduced to this band at Wildwood Revival at Cloverleaf Farm, just outside of Athens, GA. I knew it was going to be a good show!




Always feel happy to catch a good photo of the always elusive drummer.


Early in the day, the kids took advantage of this spinning cup. As the day progressed, adults gave it a whirl. The pictures of them didn’t prove to be as cute. You will just have to imagine their googly eyes, slack jaws, and the rare upright stance as they exited the tiny seat. It was definitely worth the chuckle, only not the photo!


Deer Tick

No “Dreams in the Ditch” here….






Rushing to the next stage for The Deslondes, I spotted these two girls (Tori and Christine) adorned with fresh flowers. In an effort to not have a line of port-a-potties behind them, I opted for this pick. Instead of the focus being their pretty flowers, I only see their happy smiles! Joy was all around this park.


Ha Ha! I am not a fan of my own pic….but I thought this was pretty cool. Here you will find my stance for almost the entire fest, and it makes me smile remembering the vivid moments.

DSC_0290 2.jpg


The Deslondes

With a new album out in June, this band performed a high intensity set. Everyone talked about them throughout the day as a surprise favorite. I had to chuckle when anyone would say their name, The Deslondes. immediately afterward, they would ask me if that is how it is pronounced. I’ll give you guys a head’s up…. I think you should have a phonetic spelling on your website! Ha Ha!

My favorite drum set art.








Yep, he puffed on that cig for the entire song. He was concentrating and his slide was a beautiful addition to the already hefty music.







I was overdue to get off my feet. From my blanket under some shade providing branches, I rested and listened to the music. There I enjoyed the passing clouds and crowds. I spotted some charming people and couldn’t stop myself from picking up my camera again.

The pied piper of the festival world is the gal with the bubble machine. Kids arrived from all over just to feel the soapy mess pop on their smiling faces. This boy was my favorite because his expression exudes sheer delight.


Then, who can resist this sweet family? All decked and ready for fun, they danced and dribbled (genius!) their way around.


In a hurry to catch Jump Little Children (a Charleston hometown favorite) I almost missed this precious bonnet baby. She was in fast motion, and I made every effort to capture her adorableness!



You know what they say, the families that play together, stay together!

DSC_0537.jpgAs you can see from this picture the wind was beginning to whip. As the crowds thickened, I worried about the rest of the evening. Would the gorgeous weather change?

For now, the music played on….

Jump Little Children

Please bear with me, and my photos in excess. They are specifically for my sweet friends who adore Jump Little Children. Relive the experience and let’s hope it won’t be another ten years before we see them again! With a crowd who clearly loves them, they put on a powerful performance while having a great time!


















We can all learn something from the freedom of children.


Adoring fans galore!


It was time to run to the next stage. I wanted to hear all of Matthew Logan Vasquez’s set. He just released new music (Does What He Wants) and I am listening and liking.

But, while waiting for his set to begin (well after their sound check, they went backstage with a liquor bottle and presumably toasted the day), I turned around to find this fun tee!


Matthew Logan Vasquez




They played a totally punched out set.


During their appearance, they were joined by The Suffers lead singer, later by Dawes and the lead singer for Deer Tick.




DSC_0739 3.jpg

I loved their raccoon hats and matching Hawaiian shirts.



The wind was powerful, and we all began to notice the clouds rolling in. For precaution, we were frantically checking the weather radar, and it began to take on a grim appearance. When you are experiencing such a successful festival, it would be tragic if it were cut short. We were a little worried.



Dawes is a favorite of mine and he was up next! Before he went on, they made  a weather announcement. They decided to shorten the sets a bit so we could see all of the final acts. They were hoping to continue….the wind brought in some serious clouds, but they seem scattered and not a true threat.



His brother on drums


I captured so many crazy faces when he played, this one was my fave. I believe he gets into the music, right?


DSC_0761 2.jpg





Slow Runner

Fans waiting for Slow Runner to begin.






Everyone was getting excited for Shovels and Rope. They were the darlings of this festival due to their SC roots and their help in creating the festival.


Shovels and Rope


Funny how the minute they began playing the sun seemed to come out and the weather took a different turn. We were lucky, very lucky!

I love the way she plays the drums. and she makes her hair whip with the beat of the music.


There was something amazing about the synergy between them. The way they looked at each other, I could feel their love and devotion to each other and their music. I tried to capture it, because it was something to behold.









While they played, the sun broke through the clouds and it was incredible. I was hopeful that the breeze would hold off the bad weather.


Now this is a bold concert listening move!


Wandering around, I met this couple, Lou and Linda who travelled from Chicago. They heard about the line-up and bought tickets immediately. After we chatted concerts and travel, Lou admitted with pride that he has attended 160 Dave Matthews concerts. Wowza!


This is Eli from Denver, I chatted with him because I liked the birds all over his shirt. I kept seeing him all day, and just had to get his pic!


Who could resist this adorable couple? They were really into the music and caught me capturing their moment and flashed these brilliant smiles! Love!


Time for dinner. This fellow made fried avocado tacos for me! Delicious!


I enjoyed eating them under the beautiful lights, shining under some heavy Spanish moss on old oak trees.


I had to run and catch John Moreland. He was the last act before The Avett Brothers. He has really clever lyrics with a bluesy honky tonk stint. I hated his set was cut short cause I was really into his unique sound and tunes.




As I was shooting their picture, I spotted this nice sticker on their equipment case.


The heavens actually held their fury at bay and The Avett Brothers were up! I was thrilled and so was everyone! The park was jam packed, but we were all having a really good time. It was going to be a perfect night, I could feel it.

The Avett Brothers





Yes, in this picture, he jumped on a speaker right over me. I really couldn’t believe it!



Let me explain how difficult it is to photograph these guys….They are in constant motion. It is hard to look through a lens and not take in what is happening on  the full stage. But I am pleased a few came out like this one, which captured a thoughtful more quiet moment.



Yep, you guessed it, I had tears in my eyes. They were unbelievable! I can say this even though I have seen them multiple times over the years. Tonight was special. A perfect ending to a perfect weekend of music and friends. Not to mention the epic moment after the encore when they covered, “Time” by Pink Floyd!

I wasn’t the only one in awe….



It was time to go, even though no one wanted to go. We all lingered a bit.


But, it was really time and I feel lucky to have these photos documenting my experience.

At the exit, I enjoyed capturing the happiness that washed over us all!












It is always bittersweet to say goodbye to a wonderful music festival, but doubly so, when I have to say goodbye to the Palmetto state I love.

Until next year, High Water Festival!


Peace out!











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