New Music from Slowdive, Beach Fossils, Hazel English, Lovespeake, and Julian Morena

Okay so today is not Monday, but I want to share my hopeful mood. I am excited about the possibilities for the month of May and the golden  summer ahead. It has been a crazy busy spring. Are you experiencing the same frenzy? Today, thank heaven, I have a chance to catch my breath a bit. So let’s explore some new music together….

With a ton of new music out there, here are some of my favorites. Let’s begin things with a chill sound to help calm the frantic pace the modern world travels on. Slowdive is so talented and has seriously cornered the market for soothing thoughtful music. All I want to do is kick back, close my eyes, and listen. I find it ironic they sent out a video with this song. I have watched it, but I prefer my eyes to be closed so my most important music sense takes over, my ears. At that point, my heart follows. Love.


Slowdive-Sugar For The Pill

“And I rolled away
Said we never wanted much
just a rollercoast
Our love has never known the way
Sugar for the pill
You know it’s just the way things are
Cannot buy the sun
This jealousy will break the whole”

Beach Fossils, a fave of mine, has a new album coming out on the second of June. They have released a couple of new songs and I am heartened by their distinct sound. Beach Fossils fold in a shimmery summer sound that mimics the carefree joy of traveling down the highway on a clear day, windows rolled down, and harbors the warm, fuzzy feeling that life is good. The song, “Down The Line” is the third to be released from their new album, Somersault, and I find it to be the dreamiest. All hail to this band. June just can’t get here fast enough.


Beach Fossils-Down The Line


Echoey female vocals and an indie pop vibe that seem to make even the darkest moments of life find a lovely beam of light. Dream pop at it’s finest. I am really digging Hazel English’s songs from her upcoming album, Just Give In/Never Going Home. It is out May 12th. This is an artist to watch, for sure.


Hazel English-Love Is Dead


Another upbeat song ( I am on a roll!) from a band out of Norway named Lovespeake. They have an insanely fun beat, creating a dance tune with a background 80’s vibe. I can visualize synchronized dancers performing this one. Go on and get on your feet!


Lovespeake-Novocaine (featuring Max Frost)


I love when I open up a music submission from a local Atlantan, they always grab my attention. I feel as if I don’t hear a lot from the amazing local talent that is out there. So hurray for today! Julian Morena has a lyrically clever song right here, but when the sax joins in, I can’t help but be excited and want to share. Although he has been a part of many local bands, he has a solo debut album, Kind of Nice, coming out on May 13th. I kinda hear an early, more folksy Dent May, how about you? Listen.



Julian Morena- Garden

Hey y’all, don’t forget to check out my Spotify playlist that shares some of these songs and more music from my April blogging. Here it is, but you can always find it on my homepage.

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    1. So when they come to Atlanta, they follow a band called Casket Girls out of Savannah. I wanna see them too. You’ll have to write
      a review!

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