Julian Borrego-Small Talk

Mood Monday

My mood is downright giddy today, a surprising feeling for a Monday. To be honest, it has been one of the first days in many months, where I woke up naturally and not to the clanging and banging of construction equipment. I fell asleep to a soothing summer downpour, and woke to birds softly chirping. I call that an excellent week starter.

The clarity of a good night’s sleep contributes to my bubbly mood and during a brisk 3 mile walk, my brain fired up all kinds of ideas and designs. Atlanta school’s have begun, the hydrangeas are beginning their end of summer fade, and the morning seems to arrive with a more comfortable temperature. Summer is beginning to bow and take it’s slow southern exit. I know there will be dog days ahead, but for now I feel a change in the air. A spark of something new waiting patiently in the wings.

Today, provides me with a host of possibilities.

So as I listen to a slew of newly submitted songs, I can’t help but sink into a song sporting an odd and unconventional personality. It stood out, full of sound and possibility, garnished with a swinging 70’s funk that made me smile.


Julian Borrego-Small Talk




Julian Borrego is a multi-instrumentalist, sought after producer, and singer/songwriter in Los Angeles. In his song, “Small Talk”, he wears each of these amazing titles like a confident peacock fanning his most beautiful plumage. Listening on repeat, it is difficult to even describe the genre because there are so many sonic elements, carefully mixed, which deliver a futuristic creation all on its own. The song has layers among golden layers of sound that cradle the song and help it blossom into a funky chorus driven jam. Chock full of synth and pysch driven funk, it has won me over as freshly creative and innovative. I can’t stop listening.

His debut EP, Ouroborosis a stunning mixture of different genres and musical textures and Boggero reveals,

“This EP was like a crock pot of sounds and instruments, blending together and creating new tastes for myself” 

I am captured by his ingenuity and experimentation. Go on and listen again, take it from me, the more you listen, the more you will love it. Julian Boggero’s music was a perfect find for today, and the result will be a lingering spring in my step tomorrow.



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