Charles Bradley dies at 68



After celebrating two football wins from my home state of South Carolina tonight, I opened up my Facebook feed to happily gloat (as one deserves to do in the unpredictable SC), but then I saw where the dear Charles Bradley passed away today.

I am stricken by the news.

Only four and a half months ago, I covered his first concert after a long respite while trying to cure his many ills. He was visibly thin, but quickly gave in to the spirit of the music and serenaded us with his tone, energy, soulful screams, and mesmerizing dance moves.

It was a privilege to witness his love of music. He wowed the audience at Charleston’s High Water Festival. Now, at this sad moment, I feel lucky to have been a small part of his important history and infinite love.

Dig into his music if you are a fan of soul and R & B.

May you rest in peace, Charles, and sing your way to your special spot in heaven.







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