Yoke Lore and Overcoats-Live at The Earl 9/27/2017

Yoke Lore


Yoke Lore played an in-studio set for WUOG in Athens earlier in the day and then made their way to The Earl in Atlanta. Yoke Lore is the solo project of Adrien Galvin, but on tour is supported with a drummer. He is on the road and sharing his music as much as he can.  The music is full of beat, dance worthy, and highlighted with soaring harmonic anthems.

Galvin was encouraged to explore the visual and performing arts in his youth, eventually focusing on both playing drums and dance. He was a contributing songwriter to Walk the Moon while in college, and founded Yellerkin in 2013 to eventually form Yoke Lore in 2016. I witnessed him jamming on the banjo and found it equally impressive.








He definitely has the dance moves….






I didn’t capture it in video, but this You Tube of their song “Good Pain” gives you a taste of his moves. So many feels watching this video. A great song!

Check out Yoke Lore’s Facebook page and go see them live! Even though the tour with Overcoats has wrapped up, he has some other dates popping up.



Yoke Lore was actually a happy surprise because I originally intended to go to The Earl to see the female duo, Overcoats. I have blogged their music several times before, but I haven’t seen them live. After watching their NPR tiny desk concert, I knew I had to go, and this was my chance!

Please forgive my grainy I-Phone and my excited unsteady hands!


Based out of New York, Overcoats is the female duo of Hana Elion and JJ Mitchell. They released a full length earlier this year and have been touring ever since. They will continue touring through the end of the year, so check out their Facebook page for a date near you.

I love the bio on their website…

“More than just a band, Overcoats is a friendship, an artistic duo whose songwriting is musical empathy that verges on telepathy. The two have a clear vision of the sound they want to make together – they operate under one creative impulse. Their name comes from the strength they find in making music together. Like an overcoat, Hana and JJ’s music is as much about the armor they create for themselves through their art as it is about the vulnerability beneath.”


Insisting that someone move the speakers so they could get closer to the audience, they set the mood with beats and a bit of dancing.




A snippet of “Walk On” so you can experience their incredible harmonies.


IMG_5268 2

They performed a rendition of Amy Winehouse’s “You Know I’m No Good” and it was a pleasant surprise! Well Done!


Here are some fans who patiently waited for merch and a photo, Meg, Stewart, and Caroline. They were lucky enough to score the setlist. Don’t you love The Earl’s background for photos?



It was a fun night and an appreciative crowd. So glad I made my way down to experience live music. I am never disappointed!

Listen to another song I have shared before. It has more of their heavenly harmonies with a boppin’ beat.

Overcoats “Leave The Light On” 



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