Motherfolk-Fold II

Sometimes a beautiful song speaks for itself. You just play it and know the writer was trying to convey a familiar emotion and you begin feeling it while listening. It holds you in a way that you really can’t explain. The only truth is you know you will listen again.

Music fills our ears and can tap into deep emotions, as we relate to the lyrics, the instruments, or the vocal ability of the singers. But, only listening can be a singular experience. When we experience it live, or watch a video in addition to simply listening, it changes the music, and you may feel it more deeply,. So instead of only a one dimensional absorption of the creative material, it suddenly becomes multifaceted. The more senses a song taps into, the more we experience it emotionally.

This lovely video does just that! Motherfolk’s choice of playing an acoustic guitar in a church showcases the echoey sounds and presents the meaningful lyrics in an incredibly lush way. Then, by adding the additional building the crescendo of sounds, it helps move forward and expand the song in perfect correlation, as they visually pan down the central isle and beautifully expand the visuals.

Music breathes out and we breathe in.

Melt worthy.

Motherfolk-Fold II

“In the middle of it all
Are you happy with what you’ve done?
Are you happy at all?
In the middle 

‘Cause you made us bound to fall
To break and crumble at your call
To crumble just at all
You made us something

I’d like to walk on streets of gold
Reach my hand out, find yours there to hold
And you tell me all along, that I was your fold
And you tell me all along, I was your fold
Yours only to hold”


Motherfolk is a band out of Cincinnati, Ohio. They have been recording and playing live for several successful years, mostly in the midwest. My hope is to help expand their base to the south and beyond.

Motherfolk is Nathan Dickerson, Bobby Paver, Karlie Dickerson, Clayton Allender, and Ethan Wescott. The band began with two collaborating college friends and a penchant for writing songs with one another. Eventually new curious band members joined the creatives. Then, between their high energy live performances and the stellar songs, they garnished serious audience excitement and support.


Their song, “Fold II”, was released earlier this year with an impressive 15 song catalogue of songs from their Fold Deluxe album release.  It is a quick but powerful tune. With this post, I am highlighting a brand new video of one of the songs on their release. The band elaborates…

 “We chose this setting because it exactly captures the imagery of what the lyrics wrestle with, not to mention the great acoustics,” the band said.
What is not to appreciate and love with music full of emotion and passion?

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