Birthday Joy! Stop by and listen to the song playing in my head!


Sooo, today is my birthday and the sky is blue, the air is cool, and I am sporting my new obnoxiously sparkly studded shoes.

All is right in the world.



I am reminded of the love and sacrifice my parents made for my healthy survival and spiritual/emotional growth. I am thankful for them always, but especially today.


I am thankful for all of my dear friends and all of my family.

I am so grateful to be ‘alive and kicking’ and am truly humbled by the many people that visit my music blog. I continue to be wowed by the beautiful music sent to me and the opportunities to cover incredible musical talent.

Thankful, beyond the beyond.

I always have music in my head and today I have a sound on repeat that brings me so much joy, I just had to share it with you all! For many, it might bring back swirling good memories, and for others it might make you chuckle for the antiquated but flashy disco era.

This song is the epitome of the 1970’s. From the white shiny stacked heel boots, the wide lapels with sparkle adornment, the bell bottom pants, and the crazy good robot dance, amid the instrumental takeover in the song.

What is not to love about it?

Check it out! Maybe it will make you smile and get your happy Friday started! I will be dancing in my weekend, how about you?

Happy Weekend y’all!

The Jackson 5-Dancing Machine

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