Throwback Thursday-Bob Dylan-Like A Rolling Stone


“How Does It Feel?”

This is the existential question of many generations, but probably was birthed, softly massaged, and tenderly cared for in the 60’s. Before then, life was all about expectations, traditions, and history.

Feelings became an important life gauge in the 60’s. It was the era of radical thought and anti-war protest and inner-city riots. The more the youth pushed forward communicating their feelings, the more the adults pushed back.

“Like A Rolling Stone” was released in 1965 and proved to be a song in which Bob Dylan focused on affluence, power, and expressing the tragedy of its abrupt tragic ending. It made an important comparison to monetary success and the virtue of personal contentment. The connection was critical considering the times and the emphasis on expression and feelings. With one of the largest generations of youth, there were many wide-eyed, life learners paying very close attention to the music and its relation to their lives.


Actually, “How does it feel?” in Bob Dylan’s song, “Like A Rolling Stone” is a timeless rhetorical question meant to make a point with dramatic effect. The lyrics are so clearly stated in Dylan’s voice and his unique poetic perspective.

Do you ever consider, “How do you feel?”

Perhaps today, that might be all we consider. Which makes Bob Dylan’s song,


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    1. I read that when I was researching, but I figured it was speculation so I didn’t add. But it makes total sense so thank you for mentioning it.

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