Music You Shouldn’t Miss-Tame Impala, Kevin Morby, Andrew Bird, Karen O, Charlotte Cornfield, Daniel Norgren, Cat Clyde, Slowness, Le Boom, and Torres

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My heart skips a beat when I hear amazing music, and I know it isn’t my mitro valve prolapse (look it up, it is a bona fide affliction of mine, which doesn’t really bother me as much anymore).

Spring is full of new songs and great album releases. As the earth renews, creativity kicks in and in the process music renews and refreshes as well.

There are so many great tunes and so little time to share it all with you. But, I will attempt to randomly toss some great tracks from many different genres your way. Here are my most recent favorites.

Listen and learn about the bands you dig. Then, follow my playlist (at the end). I’ll keep adding on, and if you follow, you won’t miss any of my most listened to tracks.

My list will begin with the most buzzed about music, then slip into the bands that are newer to me and might be new to you. They are all amazing!

Tame Impala


We haven’t heard a new Tame Impala song since 2015. In that time, they have toured, collaborated, and Kevin Parker even got married. But the dawning day of new music has finally arrived and their newest single, “Patience” is a doozy of a winner! It is the perfect combination of psych, rock, and a peppering of disco. They are so good at creating a dreamy combination which is loved worldwide and is one of my most searched band names on the blog.

Also, set your DVR for Saturday Night Live on March 30th, because they are the musical guest! If you are like me, you don’t want to miss any other surprising new music from them, or maybe you just want to know if Kevin will wear shoes. Swoon…

Tame Impala-Patience

Kevin Morby



Kevin Morby is about to drop his latest album, Oh My God on April 26th via Dead Oceans, but why wait all that time when you can listen to his latest track release, “No Halo”. It is a double album concept album focused on spirituality. For his press release he explains,

“Religion is around all of us. It’s a universal language and there is profound beauty in it. I’ve found it a useful tool within songwriting, as it’s something everyone can relate to on some level. There are religious themes or imagery in a lot of what I’ve done, so I wanted to get all of that out and speak only that language for a whole record. It’s not a born-again thing; it’s more that ‘oh my god’ is such a profound statement we all use multiple times a day and means so many different things. It’s not about an actual god but a perceived one, and it’s an outsider’s view of the human experience in terms of religion.”

Next week, on April 3, the short film Oh My God will premiere at Los Angeles’ Hollywood Forever Cemetery. Directed by Good and starring Morby, it features music from the forthcoming LP and functions as its visual companion. Kevin Morby will also perform after the screening.

I don’t want to miss this release. There will be so much to unfold.  Listen.

Kevin Morby-Nothing Sacred/All Things Wild

Andrew Bird


Okay, Andrew Bird released his latest album, My Finest Work Yet, on March 22nd and I am obsessed with it. In a world of easy distraction, listening to an entire album can be daunting, but every song has depth and each singularly captures my interest.  I have been listening on repeat. This tune has been out for a while, so if you totally gel with it, I beg you to catch the entire album. Bird is an indie rock musician making music for decades. He is a talented violinist, guitarist, glockenspielist (?) and is an expert whistler….here is the proof!

Andrew Bird-Sisyphus

Karen O & Danger Mouse

Karen O and Danger Mouse.jpg


Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s and Brian ‘Danger Mouse’ Burton is a collaboration made in heaven and began in a crazy, unexpected way.

In an interview for Rolling Stone Karen O explains….

“It all started with me drunk-dialing Brian, back in 2008. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, we did one of those live television things with Beck, and Brian had just done Beck’s record [Modern Guilt]. I drunk-dialed him from Europe: “We gotta work together!” I had no recollection of this until he mentioned it. But we had been on each other’s radar for a while.”

They recently released their album, Lux Prima.

The collaboration between Danger Mouse and Karen O extends beyond just this album. They plan to pair their music with an immersive art installation at the Marciano Art Foundation in Los Angeles in April. The event, which Danger Mouse called the “ultimate listening experience,” is already fully booked.

Karen O & Danger Mouse-Turn The Light

Charlotte Cornfield

If you are in the mood for a tune that strikes you in the heart pumping zone inadvertently creating dampness to your eyes, then this is the one for you. Charlotte Cornfield out of Toronto, has a penchant for carefully chosen relatable words and a vocal style so uniquely her own. She expresses deeply personal experiences, but somehow manages to connect emotionally with so many. It is a gift. Who hasn’t done a double take when seeing a familiar car of someone we loved and lost?

Charlotte Cornfield has a new album, The Shape Of Your Name, coming out on April 5th. This is going to be an important release, meant for some serious pondering.

Charlotte Cornfield-Silver Chic

Daniel Norgren


Let’s pump up the vibe just a bit. Daniel Norgren is a name I will never forget. He proved to be a lovely new find, when I attended Pickathon Festival in Happy, Oregon a few years ago. I wrote about him HERE. Norgren is a Swedish singer/songwriter/musician who has the musical sensibility of a true southern rock and roll man and band. His performance was magical, rowdy, and fun to witness as he commanded the stage and powered up the vibe on a cold, dark night in the woods. This song is a nice return to that vibe. It is catchy, anthemic, and memorable. He has a new album Wooh Dang, coming out on April 19th via Superpuma Records.

Daniel Norgren-Let Love Run The Game

Cat Clyde

I am very excited to announce Cat Clyde has a new album coming out in late April or early May. I have followed her since 2016, where I shared one of my all time favorite tunes, “Mama Said” (HERE). It was one of my first posts for the year, and in it I discussed my goals. It is fun to look back and see what I was thinking, and to see that her music still holds up well to my scrutiny. Cat Clyde has lovely voice control and a very cool vibe, smooth and unique. I can’t say enough about her voice, but add that with the pulsing guitar and I am a puddle.



Cat Clyde-All The Black



Slowness is an alternative rock, shoegaze, band with the purest of sound. Ethereal and chill, Slowness has a new track, “Rose”, which is the first release from their upcoming album, Berths, June 12th. Prepare to be soothed by their radiating surround of sound.


Le Boom


I would be amiss if I didn’t include a bit of electro/indie/dance pop. Some days you just wanna have fun. Ireland’s Le Boom provides a nice track for doing just that! Bring it on! The Dublin duo has a debut album, All My Highs, coming up soon, so check them out. They are going to hit it big in the US electro music scene and if you follow the genre, don’t you want to know?

Le Boom-Be There For You


I am going to add a singer that was recommended to me by a new follower. Torres is new to me and I am wowed by her lyrical reflection, and her impressive vocal delivery. This tune is haunting. It is a little slow for me, but I can appreciate its fierceness. Thanks for the head’s up! Hope this video might be new to you!


Torres-A Few Blue Flowers

Tell me what you think? Tell me your favorite. Are there any you might recommend?




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