Must Listens-Great Grandpa, Young Guv, Wilco, Vetiver, Vagabon, Boy Scouts and Turnover

My world is infinitely better listening to new music. There are so many songs and bands that have captured my ears. Here are some of my absolute favorites right now

Great Grandpa is actually a band that leans more edgy than this alt-country sound from the song, Bloom, off of their latest release, Four of Arrows. So, listen all he way through because I think you will appreciate it all the more. I am blown away by their range and depth on this song and the entire album. The lyrical depth of each song is cemented by the mesmerizing vocal abilities of the lead singer. Their songs field the spectrum of an acoustic guitar forward, flourishing string song set in an English garden, a striking piano solo, a heart wrenching tune filled with broken family pain, and even Japanese phrase choruses. What are you waiting for, it has been out for a few weeks….listen!

Great Grandpa-Bloom

Young Guv is a prolific songwriter with such a large catalog of stellar songs, he recently released a double album, Guv I and Guv II. Each harbors a powerhouse of ideas and musical ways to express them. His song style has an early rock vibe and is lyrically enhanced with catchy choruses and relatable stories. Check him out.

Young Guv-She’s A Fantasy

I am so excited I will attend High Water Festival in Charleston SC, for another breezy spring weekend of incredible music. The lineup was just released and Wilco will be there as a top billing. This song has been on repeat on my playlist, as is their most recent album release, Ode To Joy. Jeff Tweedy is the master of thoughtful lyrics and catchy rocking riffs. Love Is Everywhere is my new favorite. Maybe I’ll see you in April!

Wilco-Love Is Everywhere

Vetiver provides the chill, smooth sound meant for lazy weekend mornings with a warm cup of coffee and a mellow relaxed mind. I sing the joyous praises of Vetiver’s latest album, Up On High because it has become a dear friend of mine. The folksy, but expansive acoustic vibe envelopes me as light breaks softly in my mind. Wanted, Never Asked is only a simple tidbit to help you experience the contentment when songs are done well.

Vetiver-Wanted Never Asked

I am still coming down from the joy of seeing this exciting artist in concert with the impeccable Angel Olsen (Olsen will have to be another post). Vagabond’s musical expression is honest and fresh on the scene. The tune, Water Me Down, has the ability to urge the most reluctant dancer to vibe and move to the beat . Listen….

Vagabon-Water Me Down

I am smitten by the deeply emotional songs of Boy Scouts. The new album, Free Company, is one of my favorites this year. Taylor Vick breaks through the emotional turmoil of disappointing love with each song. Her sparse arrangements and sharp lyrics put a sound salve on any heart wounds, providing recovery and empowerment.

“… when they ask you if you miss her
have you already thought of an adequate answer?
say, “we were like a sticker,
permanent only for some patch of time”

patch of time, you were once mine
you were once, mine
patch of time, you were once mine
you were once…”

Boy Scouts-You Were Once

Turnover is band that cracked the top ten with their album in 2015, Peripheral Vision. I was hooked with Cutting My Fingers Off. Fast forward to today, and I hear a totally different band, they are more hazy, and laid back. It is so hard to move forward when your listeners are begging for more of the same. I am still listening, and I approve…keep making music.

Turnover-Much After Feeling

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  1. Great list of albums as always! Bloom made me think of the Dixie Chicks who have a new album (finally) next year. Gonna be at High Water for sure and maybe Savannah Stopover first time. Will be good to catch up.

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