Music You Should Hear-Kate Usher, Sudan Archives, DJ Silky Smooth, Lydia, Hovvdy, Stolen Jars, Lomelda, & Soccer Mommy


A happy place for me is the wondrous bookstore. When I need a moment to escape my darkest thoughts, worries, and fears I find immediate joy in wandering through books of literature (adult and young adult), poetry, creativity, gardening, self help and advice. Even riding the escalator up and down can provide a distracting much needed cheerfulness as I cast my eyes on the kaleidoscope of exploring readers. At my most recent visit to the bookstore, I stumbled upon this lovely word…Flaneuring.

Flânerie is a French word and “is the act of strolling, with all of its accompanying associations”. In other words, Flaneuring is wandering with acute observations and finding beauty in the mundane with no immediate purpose. A stroll on a busy street or a hike in the woods and everything in between qualify. What if we strolled or walked with acute observation and put away our phones and our busyness? I am all in.

I believe I have been Flaneuring while listening to new music and new submissions. I set aside a quiet time and focus on the sounds, the instruments, and the vocals. When I am intrigued, I read the press page and look through their social footprints. I have experienced some amazing moments, where I feel an immediate “ahah.” The more I listen, the more I enact my slow strolling with acute observations….Flânerie.

So, instead of walking around, I sit quietly with closed eyes and simply focus on the music as it comes to me. It is a creative focused journey with no end result needed. But gloriously, I find music I have to share. Here are my favorites ….

Kate Usher and the Sturdy Souls have been around since 2016 as a bluesy-reggae-rock-pop band from Montauk, NY. It immediately grabbed me when I heard Kate’s voice. I picked up hints of Susan Tedeschi’s (of Tedeschi Trucks Band) power packed voice. The guitars prove to be pretty sweet too. “Shades of Blue” has it all.

Kate Usher & The Sturdy Souls-Shades Of Blue

I recently read the feature in Sunday’s New York Times on Sudan Archives (HERE). I was totally intrigued and put aside her new album, Athena, for my Flânerie listen. Her music stretches me out of my normal listening bubble. She is a talented avant-garde violinist, vocalist, and incredible performer. This video includes some wild moments dancing with her beloved pet snake….

Sudan Archives-Glorious

News alert, DJ Silky Smooth is a really great find. I have been searching for this kind of fresh sound and sifting through lots of music paid off. If your not following Bandcamp, you are missing out on some impressive new artists. Listen…

DJ Silky Smooth-Denim Jacket

Lydia is a band out of Arizona. This song is from an album, Liquor, released last year. I love the echoed vocals and their explosive pop sound. They should be a name we all know.


Hovvdy has a new album, Heavy Lifter, out right now. I have shared their music before (HERE). Of all the songs on this album, this beauty stands out for me. What do you think?


I have written about and shared songs from Stolen Jars before. (HERE & HERE). Their latest album released recently and is one you should get your ears on. They are incredibly talented and deserve more accolades and musical appreciation.

Stolen Jars-A Reminder

This is a song by Lomelda from 2016, but I just stumbled on it and I will be forever smitten. It is a true gem that is hauntingly emotional and beautiful. Her ability to artistically create multiple vocal sounds from a single syllable word is nothing short of stellar. Her vocal ability only makes each lyric hold emotional weight and pierce through superficiality.

“I find that I wish I was yours
I find that I wish I was yours
And belonged to all the birds nesting on the porch
And all the trees along the river gorge
And every windswept metaphor
All of yours until I am nothing more”

Lomelda-Columbia River

I can’t finish this post without including Soccer Mommy‘s newest shimmery tune. Only released a couple of days ago, I am sure it will be played on repeat for it’s brilliance. Soccer Mommy had one of my top albums out last year. She continues to blow me away with her songwriting.

Soccer Mommy-Yellow Is The Color Of Her Eyes

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