Caroline Rose shares new song “Feel The Way I Want”

Photo Credit: Cara Robbins

When an artist goes quiet for months on end, I sense they are hard at work on their latest creation. My last Insta post from Caroline Rose (@carolinerosemuzak) was back in October and I just thought the hard working singer, songwriter was taking a much needed break from the massive touring she did supporting her last album. Today, I was blessed by the announcement she has a new album, Superstar, out on March 6 on New West Records and she also released a video for one of the tracks, “Feel The Way I Want”. It is a dancing ditty that shines as bright as her personality. Her hair color has changed but her signature red outfits, tongue in cheek humor, and musical talent is completely en pointe.

In the video, she travels from Hollywood, California to Hollywood, Florida (just an itty bitty mix up) to go to her audition. The entire video is shot on an IPhone 11Pro by Kahyl Cooper over 11 days and it is fire. She wildly dances her way from town to town and among glorious backdrops of incredible landscapes. Watch it and go along for the ride, it provides welcomed warmth and sunshine on a cold winter’s day.

The goal of the lead single “Feel The Way I Want” is to “have people, including myself, not know whether to love or hate this person. They’re kind of like a walking eye roll who’s easy to dismiss, but at the same time you admire their determination. It’s the Kanye effect.”

Superstar is the story of a shamelessly odd hero, or rather anti-hero, on a quest to become a someone, and a perfect follow up to her acclaimed Loner album she released in 2018. I included Loner as one of my favorite albums of the year. Every song was amazing and ear worthy. So if this new song is any indication of her songwriting/performing for Superstar, we are in for a pleasant ride!

Superstar Cover Artwork by Signe Pierce 

I realized at some point that I’m not going to fit into any one box, and maybe that’s a good thing. This record is me embracing being an outsider making my own path.”
— Caroline Rose

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Superstar Tracklist:
1. Nothing’s Impossible
2. Got To Go My Own Way
3. Do You Think We’ll Last Forever?
4. Feelings Are A Thing Of The Past
5. Feel The Way I Want
6. Freak Like Me
7. Someone New
8. Pipe Dreams
9. Command Z
10. Back At The Beginning
11. I Took A Ride

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