2020 College Football Championship-Clemson vs LSU Jack White-Seven Nation Army

Even though this was day 19 of a 31 day challenge of posting music way back in 2013, when I first began blogging, it resonates with how I am feeling tonight during the college football championship between Clemson and LSU.

Years ago….But oh so relevant.

“I am not focused on blogging music because it has been the craziest day in college football. Almost every team I have been pulling for today has lost in a squeak of muscle power from their opponent. Dang! So this is the only song that satisfies. No, it is not new or a recent submission, but it is iconic and one of the best guitar rifts in history.”

“Today it is associated with sports, but to me it is just amazing Jack White! Oh, and I have one more game that I hope an army can come and help push the win, please…..”

Yep…please let Clemson play their best and push this game and make it a battle for college championship 2020!

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