Big Thief-Love In Mine

The day unfolds infinitely better when I learn Big Thief released a new song. “Love In Mine” is simply raw and beautiful. Originally an outtake from 2019’s Two Hands, and a B side on a 7″ sent out to fans, it now is available for all of us to hear. Thank you, I needed it.

“Love In Mine” shuffles with delicate finger pickings, soft percussion, and Lenker’s tender, hushed voice. As the track ends, the band’s multiple voices blend together into a gentle invocation: “Whatever comes // When it calls // Whatever leaves.”

Put your love in mine
Let your body sing when your words won’t
Tell me everything
When I ramble on
And I often do
Remind me to travel home to you
Whatever comes
When it calls
Whatever leaves
What we leave behind
Like cicada shells
Will be hollowed
And eaten by the hills
Whatever comes
When it calls
Whatever leaves

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