Arcade Fire-Here Comes The Night Time

31 Days of Music

Day 31


This is the last day of my 31 days of music. I thought this quote was perfect for today because it clearly expresses why I listen to music and blog about the connection I have with it. I feel a little sad that I’m on day 31, but that won’t last long because it is Halloween. Let the celebration begin, and hopefully today’s song will help get it started.


Arcade Fire has had months of buzz, months of longing for a song leak, excited anticipation of spontaneous concerts, and an awaited special program after SNL. They are intriguing and interesting and had so much to say in their lyrics and music on their last album, it was pure golden genius. This album is quite different. I am not saying this album is less, but it just can’t be compared because it is a whole different animal.

The tune, “Here Comes The Night Time”, has a 15 second manic beginning then slows to a fairly medium tempo. It returns to the wild pace at about 4:11. It is an appealing change that keeps me listening. The simple plunk, plunk of the piano throughout also adds a contradictory sound to the depth of the fast paced musical arrangements. The beats jump and pop, and somehow, it is just downright catchy.  At first I heard the song as a jam tune for heading out into a fun-filled evening, but according to Win Butler the song is about his experiences in Haiti. He said that he sings of the refugees fleeing in boats to America and being turned away. There is depth in what seemed to be a simple jam tune. Listen for yourself and you will see that the lyrics confirm this explanation.

Arcade Fire is changing, evolving, and altering how we hear them and I think that is golden genius too. I hate it when a band stays the same, but I also understand the intense pressure of producing another critically acclaimed album. The more I listen to the album, Reflektor, the more I love it. Be sure to listen to it in it’s entirety and check out their Facebook page.

I have had a blast doing these daily posts and I am fascinated by all of the great music out in the world. It is mind boggling. Sharing the music that I fall in love with is really quite difficult, but I have also found other people out there who come to appreciate what I love. Instant music friends.

Stay tuned  friends and keep listening!


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