The R&B jazz pop song begins with a sultry, smooth vocal, building slowly by adding in layered textures of finger snaps, electronic timbre, and simple, straight forward lyrics.

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Mood Monday-Mai Lan-Technique

Mai Lan, collaborator with M83 on their latest album, combines absurdity and reality in this witty electronic, dance tune.

Sierra Manhattan-Moonburned Girl

Mood Monday. I’m not really sure of my mood today, but I totally connect with this song. The band is incredibly talented with a heart-warming fuzzy sound.  Their style is lo-fi and raw, but honest and pure. Sierra Manhattan has somehow captured love and a snippet of confusion. The guitars are stellar (starting at 3:22,…

Mood Monday-Christine and The Queens-Tilted

So it’s Monday. My mood is actually pretty solid, for a Monday. The music I am listening to may be a big part of my mood. I learned about Christine and the Queens over the weekend. She had an interview with T Magazine/New York Times, and it was compelling enough to send me to Soundcloud…

Broken Back-Halcyon Birds

Hey! It’s Friday! Ummm, happy hour on Friday, to be exact. I am in serious need of “Happy”. I have several songs to blog in my blogging queue, but listening to them right now, I kinda found an aura of sadness, worry, and fear. That is NOT how I am feeling right at this moment….

Montoya-Carry Oceans

  I get so many music submissions that I can’t possibly hear them all, but I do…I listen. I listen to all of them. There are some songs that pump my heart, some songs that make me smile, and honestly some that just don’t fit me at all that I have to toss. I am…

Tomy Lobo-Modern Man’s Gone

Twitter. I am still trying to figure you out, but there are wonderful moments in between the thousands of random casual comments. I love it when I get a new follower on twitter and they have a band with great music. I always try to listen. Case in point, is the indie/rock band, Tomy Lobo….