Mood Monday-Christine and The Queens-Tilted

So it’s Monday.


My mood is actually pretty solid, for a Monday.

The music I am listening to may be a big part of my mood. I learned about Christine and the Queens over the weekend. She had an interview with T Magazine/New York Times, and it was compelling enough to send me to Soundcloud today. The song I am sharing with you is, “Tilted”. This song was her first release from her 2015 album. It is smooth and has a popping beat that begs my toes to tap.




“But I’m actually good
Can’t help it if we’re tilted
I’m actually good
Can’t help it if we

I’m actually good
Can’t help it if we’re tilted
I’m actually good
Can’t help it if we’re tilted”

Christine, of Christine and The Queens, is really Heloise Letissler from Nantes France. Her musical project is a mix of music, performance, art videos, drawings, and photography. When in London, she was inspired by a couple of drag queens and her character Christine was born. In a recent interview with Nick Williams of Billboard, she spoke of their involvement…

“It was really important. Without them, I would probably not be making music. It was like a revelation, because precisely with drag queens, all the characters they have are like survival techniques as well. You take what pains you and what hurts you and what makes you feel small, and you turn it into a character to be in power again. I was at a time in my life when I was a bit lost and depressed, and seeing those girls walking every night on stage in characters with names after insults they received, it felt like I could maybe find a way to do the same thing without being a drag queen. They were like, “Well, if you feel helpless and insecure, you should use that and write about it.” They nursed me a bit. They were fairy godmothers in a way.”


Amazingly, she has soared in the charts in Europe since she committed to making music, and is just beginning to break into the US music scene. Her latest album, Saint Claude, is a combination of French and English. Her alternative pop sound is catchy and irresistible and is garnished with lovely French phrasing that makes me curious about the stories she is singing. If you want to see some incredible choreography, you should check out her music videos.

My good mood has me daydreaming about traveling abroad, as I listen to this French songstress.


How about you?

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