Tomy Lobo-Modern Man’s Gone


I am still trying to figure you out, but there are wonderful moments in between the thousands of random casual comments. I love it when I get a new follower on twitter and they have a band with great music. I always try to listen.


Case in point, is the indie/rock band, Tomy Lobo. Tomy Lobo is out of France and I probably wouldn’t have heard their music, if they hadn’t reached out. What I love about this song, “Modern Man’s Gone”, is the change of tempo throughout the song. As a sweet guitar and a pounding drum lead the way, it then builds in intensity. The vocals complete the amazing triangle of sound. Stay aboard until  2:45 where it softens again then, surprisingly, the power returns with the pounding of drums, skilled guitar riffs, and chanting, “We won’t believe we’ll be the same again”. Wow.

This song is also the title for their recently released EP. According to their Facebook page and my loose translation, the EP has six songs forming a dreamlike world with the titles ranging from light and darkness, softness and power, where hope is trying to escape the grimy concrete.

Pretty powerful stuff. I haven’t stopped listening. Enjoy.

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