Sierra Manhattan-Moonburned Girl

Mood Monday.

I’m not really sure of my mood today, but I totally connect with this song. The band is incredibly talented with a heart-warming fuzzy sound.  Their style is lo-fi and raw, but honest and pure. Sierra Manhattan has somehow captured love and a snippet of confusion.

The guitars are stellar (starting at 3:22, then on for a heavenly minute) and just perfect for the mood of the song and my mood right now.

Just Listen!

Sierra Manhattan-Moonburned Girl

“You grabbed my heart through the window

I can never let you go

Every time I smell the wind blow

I’ll see your face smile and glow

Moonburned girl, Moonburned girl…”

SIERRA MANHATTAN - PARIS - Espace B - 2015-12-04
SIERRA MANHATTAN – PARIS – Espace B – 2015-12-04 Photo credit-Robert Gil

Sierra Manhattan is from France and is new on the scene to me. You can hear more on their record label’s bandcamp site, AB records.

I wish I had more to tell y’all, but maybe the music speaks for itself….

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