Montoya-Carry Oceans

we heart it


I get so many music submissions that I can’t possibly hear them all, but I do…I listen. I listen to all of them. There are some songs that pump my heart, some songs that make me smile, and honestly some that just don’t fit me at all that I have to toss. I am genuinely sorry for those that are tossed because I know they worked solidly for their sound, but maybe it just didn’t resonate with me.

Every once in awhile, happily, there is a new band that I listen to and find that I am sad they only have one song. I hunger for more and know that they have the talent to pull off creating multiple songs. This band is one of those….

Montoya is from Paris and they call their music electric folk / indie pop.  The band was born from a songwriting duo, Hugo and Cécilia. More power to them, because it is perfect for me today.  I just can’t believe that this is a homemade track! They are currently working on a lot of new tracks, and live versions with a band, hopefully to play soon in Paris.

Their song is called “Carry Oceans”, and it reminds me that even though I live in a land locked city, I carry the ocean inside my heart. Okay, maybe a wild interpretation, but that is what makes me totally connect to this song. Of course, there is also the obvious power of her voice, the beat, and the swirling sound of the music.

I don’t know about you, but I have heard enough “Santa Baby” on Christmas radio to last a lifetime. Hello Montoya, we want more! Wishing that 2015 brings you thoughtful creativity and the power to make your music happen!

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  1. Love it. I can’t wait for more! Do you know how long we have to wait? It sounds like they’ve got a lot coming out soon from all the work and band practice they’re putting in.

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