Broken Back-Halcyon Birds


Hey! It’s Friday!

Ummm, happy hour on Friday, to be exact. I am in serious need of “Happy”.

I have several songs to blog in my blogging queue, but listening to them right now, I kinda found an aura of sadness, worry, and fear. That is NOT how I am feeling right at this moment. So, I have been on the search for something happy-go-lucky, a prep for a sunny weekend and a year-long project sliding into home-base!


Dang, Lots to celebrate really!

So, enter Broken Back.

No not mine, even though I have been breaking my back. Yea, seriously, “nose to the grindstone” work lately. No matter, tonight I will be happy and Broken Back is just the beginning of my joy. Just listen and see if you don’t smile.


Broken Back are an Indie-Dance, Electro-Pop band from Paris and new on the scene. In the song, “Halcyon Birds”, I hear a little Milky Chance vibe, but I love their sound all on its own. I hate comparing bands and really don’t want to… except to push my readers/listeners to take the time to put someone new on your radar. Listen closely, and stay with Broken Back through the whole song. I love the way it switches up around 2:35, happy fabulousness, and the sweet background choruses that will turn any frown, upside down. Heavenly and happy. Halcyon, of course, means a period of time in the past that was idyllically happy and peaceful.

Bring it on!

I just couldn’t stop exploring Broken Back. That’s when I found this you tube demo. Wow… I think this guy creates brilliant music all by himself and is a one man, leftie guitar playing, band of foot tapping, snapping, clapping loveliness!

Yep, you’re welcome, in advance for the “happy” you will have listening. Go on, dance and clap!!

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